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Spheroids Review thumbnail

Spheroids Review (Wii U)

2D platforming with a side of Pang

January 7, 2017 - It seems like many recent indie games have been inspired by the classic bubble-busting gameplay of Buster Bros. Spheroids does so by mixing it into a 2D platform adventure so let's get ready to bust it up yet again.
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The Bug Butcher Review thumbnail

The Bug Butcher Review (PlayStation 4)

Insect meat, anyone?

October 23, 2016 - There's something about certain classic arcade games that indie developers just can't get enough of. The Bug Butcher borrows heavily from Pang (AKA Buster Bros.) but does it live up to the classic?
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Pirate Pop Plus Review thumbnail

Pirate Pop Plus Review (Wii U)

Classic Pang gameplay with a twist

October 19, 2016 - You don't often see new games that borrow gameplay from the arcade classic Buster Bros. Pirate Pop Plus does so unashamedly yet it has a cool new spin on the formula that makes it feel like a fresh experience.
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Pang Adventures Review thumbnail

Pang Adventures Review (PlayStation 4)

The Buster Bros. bust it up again

April 19, 2016 - When it comes to arcade classics that should be remade, it's a perfect time to unleash this long lost cooperative bubble-busting gem. The Buster Bros. have been around since 1989, so let's see how gracefully they've aged.
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Bustin' It up with the Buster Bros. thumbnail

Bustin' It up with the Buster Bros.

A real Pang for your buck

March 26, 2016 - Many arcade classics frequently pop up when discussing retro video games. However, Buster Bros. remains an obscure title that even some retro enthusiasts may not recognize at first. It's rather fun, too, so let's bust some bubbles!
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