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Fixture S1 Carrying Case Review thumbnail

Fixture S1 Carrying Case Review

Protect your Nintendo Switch on the go

June 11, 2021 - It's been a few months since the Fixture S1 Switch Pro Controller clip mount debuted and there's now a nifty carrying case for it.
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Fixture S1 Review thumbnail

Fixture S1 Review

Is the Switch Pro Controller clip mount worth it?

January 23, 2021 - Ever since the NES, Nintendo consoles always have a ton of accessories and it's often hard to tell what's worth getting. The Fixture S1 allows you to attach your Switch to the Pro Controller but is that something you'll want to do? Well... absolutely!
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PlayStation 5 Accessories Roundup thumbnail

PlayStation 5 Accessories Roundup

Maximize your play

November 30, 2020 - Now that Sony has unleashed the awesome PS5 unto the gaming masses, I figured it's about time to discuss its nifty peripherals.
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PlayStation VR Games 2020 thumbnail

PlayStation VR Games 2020

4 top-notch games for PSVR

April 6, 2020 - When it comes to immersive experiences, nothing beats virtual reality so here are some recent fantastic games for PlayStation VR.
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LucidSound LS35X Review thumbnail

LucidSound LS35X Review

A quality Rose Gold gaming headset

November 25, 2019 - LucidSound keeps creating so many top-notch gaming headsets that it's hard to keep up so here's what I thought about the LS35X.
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PlayStation VR Games 2019 (Part 2) thumbnail

PlayStation VR Games 2019 (Part 2)

Who needs the real world anyway?

November 21, 2019 - 2019 is coming to an end so I figured now would be a good time to discuss another batch of intriguing PlayStation VR games.
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LucidSound LS10X Review thumbnail

LucidSound LS10X Review

A quality stereo gaming headset

November 19, 2019 - A few weeks ago, I reviewed LucidSound's LS1X and this time around, we're in for a pretty substantial upgrade with the LS10X.
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LucidSound LS1X Review thumbnail

LucidSound LS1X Review

A quality lightweight gaming headset

October 30, 2019 - LucidSound just launched their LS1X and LS1P headset models and after using the LS1X, I must say that I'm impressed.
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PlayStation VR Games 2019 thumbnail

PlayStation VR Games 2019

Swords, pizzas, and dioramas

July 16, 2019 - Almost 3 years after its debut, PlayStation VR is still going strong with many fantastic titles to choose from so here are 5 recently released games for the platform that you might enjoy.
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Labo VR Review thumbnail

Labo VR Review (Switch)

An April Fools joke becomes reality

April 15, 2019 - Every year, I publish a silly April Fools article and last year, I wrote one about Labo VR. Well, it's now a thing and it's actually pretty cool.
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