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RPGolf Legends Review thumbnail

RPGolf Legends Review (PlayStation 5)

The Adventure of Links

January 23, 2022 - There are many indie takes on golf games that range from wacky to genre-blending and RPGolf Legends is a solid example of the latter.
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Demoniaca: Everlasting Night Review thumbnail

Demoniaca: Everlasting Night Review (PlayStation 5)

Heavy metal Metroidvania

January 12, 2022 - Diving into a new Metroidvania is an exciting time but does Demoniaca: Everlasting Night offer a fun take on the genre? Let's find out.
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White Shadows Review thumbnail

White Shadows Review (PlayStation 5)

Monochrome monotony

January 10, 2022 - There have been a few greyscale 2D platform puzzlers ever since LIMBO's release back in 2010 so let's see how White Shadows fares.
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Chorus Review thumbnail

Chorus Review (PlayStation 5)

Cinematic space combat

January 1, 2022 - There aren't as many space combat games as there used to be but Chorus is here to prove that the genre is relevant so let's take off.
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Timelie Review thumbnail

Timelie Review (Switch)

A time-manipulating stealth puzzler

December 26, 2021 - Manipulating time to solve puzzles makes for an intriguing formula but throw in stealth and you're left with the very cool Timelie.
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Record of Lodoss War -Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth- Review thumbnail

Record of Lodoss War -Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth- Review (PlayStation 5)

A Metroidvania fit for a High Elf

December 14, 2021 - Few genres are as rewarding as a good old Metroidvania so here's the impressive Record of Lodoss War -Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth-.
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DoDonPachi Resurrection Review thumbnail

DoDonPachi Resurrection Review (Switch)

Challenging shoot 'em up greatness

November 28, 2021 - It's absolutely awesome that CAVE's library of shmups is being ported to Switch and genre fans can now enjoy DoDonPachi Resurrection.
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Blue Reflection: Second Light Review thumbnail

Blue Reflection: Second Light Review (PlayStation 4)

2 time's the charm

November 26, 2021 - Some games unexpectedly get sequels so now that we have Blue Reflection: Second Light, let's see if this magical girl RPG is any good.
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YUKI Review thumbnail

YUKI Review (PlayStation 4)

VR arcade shooting action

November 16, 2021 - There are still a surprising amount of original concepts being released for VR platforms and here's YUKI which is one excellent experience.
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Ghost Sync Review thumbnail

Ghost Sync Review (Xbox One)

A bewitching retro RPG

November 9, 2021 - It's time for another old-school RPG and this is a good one starring a young lady named Lily so here's the very enjoyable Ghost Sync.
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