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Agent Intercept Review

Spy Hunter meets Burnout

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS5 on

Agent Intercept is also available for PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

Agent Intercept is rated Everyone 10+ by the ESRB

If you've ever wanted to feel like a superspy with a lead foot then here's the very cool vehicle-based arcade-like indie Agent Intercept.

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Sounds like Dr. Torpedo might lose the other half of his face

Become James Bond

Agent Intercept has you play as an agent who drives the Sceptre which is a car that can transform given the current situation. No matter if you're racing down a highway or through a ravine as a boat, driving this vehicle is a heck of a lot of fun as you try to take down the evil CLAW organization. The core gameplay is incredibly intuitive as the Sceptre essentially moves on its own and it's your job to steer, boost, and deploy weapons. Even though this is simple stuff, you can still apply accessibility options to make things even easier if you so choose. v1d30chumz 3-237-27-159

Playing Agent Intercept is enjoyable stuff and its challenge relies on your ability to survive by not taking too much damage as you avoid obstacles while slamming into enemy vehicles and shooting an array of weapons such as missiles and guns. I found engaging the boost while behind a swarm of cars only to slam into them and watch them get taken out to be super-satisfying and seeing your score climb as you increase your multiplier adds even more reward to the high octane gameplay, especially when you complete optional objectives.

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We picked a bad day to go waterskiing

Your mission, should you choose to accept it

Agent Intercept's campaign is setup with each chapter containing multiple missions and each mission has a handful of achievement-like objectives to complete. Upon finishing a certain amount of them, you'll unlock the final mission of the chapter so you are forced to retry while attempting different approaches in order to satisfy certain criteria. I appreciated this aspect a lot as it makes exploring the various aspects of gameplay enjoyable by making you drift a certain amount, earn a higher score, defeat enemies efficiently, and collect things.

In addition to all of that, Agent Intercept features oodles of side missions that are quite different to the main campaign's missions and there's a score attack mode, too, that features highscore chases, target practices, and time trials. In other words, even when you manage to complete the campaign, you've only scratched the surface of what Agent Intercept has to offer. 😊

Cinematic action

Another aspect of Agent Intercept that I love is its presentation. The visuals are very comic-like with sleek vehicle designs that pop off the lovely environments beautifully. Plus, the drum 'n' bass soundtrack is just awesome and many of the tunes reminded me of E-Z Rollers which is great and fits the action very well. Meanwhile, the story may be typical but it's told via striking character artwork and spot-on voice acting so it manages to remain thoroughly engaging despite its predictability. It might just be as fun to watch as it is to play.

It's no Aston Martin

Although Agent Intercept's Sceptre is a lot of fun to control, there are a couple of nagging issues that take away from the fun. For starters, I found the camera to make the road ahead difficult to decipher which made steering a problem. Even after I played it for hours, I still found it tricky to snag certain pick-ups and master particular corners. Last but not least, I also realised that Agent Intercept's minimal approach to gameplay made it feel like the game was playing itself at times. In fact, it's difficult to fail some of the missions.

Agent Intercept screenshot 3
Things are really starting to go downhill

I haven't played anything quite like Agent Intercept with its simple gameplay, sleek presentation, and varied action-packed campaign. If the idea of flying through streets in a transforming vehicle fit for a superspy appeals to you then definitely check it out.

  • + Enjoyable action-packed gameplay with cool transformations and weapons
  • + Slick presentation with great music
  • + Lots of challenges and replay incentives
  • - Camera frequently makes gauging where to steer confusing
  • - Occasionally feels like it's playing itself
7.7 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Agent Intercept
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