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Blazing Rangers Review

Who set my NES on fire?

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a NES on 🔥

I love that there are modern games made for retro consoles and Blazing Rangers is one of the best so dust off your NES and let's play.

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I haven't hooked up my NES in a while but it was worth it!

Physical retro fun

Before discussing the game, let me just say that the physical copy of Blazing Rangers from First Press Games is awesome. It's packed in a traditional NES cardboard box and inside is a genuine cartridge, instruction manual, and even a mail-in registration card. The artwork on the box is modeled after the old Capcom NES games so it'll look very familiar to anyone who has physical copies of the original Mega Man or Ghosts 'n Goblins. Meanwhile, the black and white manual features the iconic artwork style from back in the day and it's actually rather informative and humorous to boot, especially with lyrics to the game's chiptune theme song. You'll also get a collector's coin and some First Press Games materials which are nice bonuses. Overall, it's quite an impressive package! 😊 v1d30chumz 35-172-230-154

Photo of Blazing Rangers physical goodies →

Rescue mission

Moving on to the actual game, Blazing Rangers is a great deal of fun as it has you control a fireman named Popo who's on a mission to rescue folks trapped in burning buildings. Plus, a chum can join you as Mimi who acts as player 2. The gameplay isn't quite like anything I've played before and I'd say that the closest game to it is Dig Dug as you deal with enemies while trying to navigate a tricky playfield.

You begin each round with a certain length of hose yet you can extend it with item pick-ups. Although you can still spray water with a pistol, it's less powerful and needs to be recharged whenever it runs out of water so having the hose is definitely handy. As time moves on, the flames will spread so you have to act fast if you want to save everyone and if you get snagged, the rescued civilians that you're carrying will unfortunately be no more. This actually puts a lot of pressure on you because you'll want to save everyone. 😅

Blazing Rangers screenshot 2
Looks like Popo is going to have to sweat a little

Music to my ears

I love playing Blazing Rangers and a big part of that is its presentation. When I first booted it up, its catchy menu music delighted me and from then on, the determined pre-round tune got me in the mood for action and the in-game music is rockin' stuff! The sound effects are phenomenal as well whether you're putting out fires, returning folks to the exit, defeating foes, refilling your water gun, or claiming victory. The graphics are solid, too, with cute sprites and unambiguous stages where even the enemies are adorable. 🤭

Attention to detail

One aspect of Blazing Rangers that really puts it over the top is its attention to detail. When I first played it, I figured it was a simple game but when you begin to dive deep, you'll realise just how intricate it all is. For example, fire can spread through and even tear down walls. Also, the more people you're carrying, the slower you'll walk but you get more points for rescuing multiple citizens at once so you have to judge accordingly. You can even change the direction of your water spray by holding the button then using the D-pad. There are secrets to find, too, by circling certain tiles with the hose so there's certainly a lot to keep in mind. 🚒

It's definitely old-school

I don't have much bad to say about Blazing Rangers but this is a game review so I should mention that its setup is a bit too old-school. By this, I mean that when you run out of continues, you'll have to start the game all over again from the beginning with no password or save system in place. Heck, even the original Bomberman had a password system. This can be especially frustrating after the flames get out of hand which can happen easily if you don't play the later levels near-perfectly. Watching a whole level burn only to see the game over screen can be a disheartening experience for sure. With that being said, you'll gladly dust yourself off and give it another go. 👨‍🚒

Blazing Rangers screenshot 3
Things certainly got out of hand here!

Out of all the modern games for retro consoles that I've played, Blazing Rangers is up there with the very best. From its intuitive gameplay to its impressive attention to detail and overall charming old-school vibe, it's a must-play for any retro gamer.

  • + Incredibly fun core gameplay that'll keep you coming back for more
  • + Impressive attention to detail
  • + Superb audio and adorable visuals
  • - When things get out of hand, it can be super-hard to recover
  • - No save or password system
8.2 out of 10
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