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Inject some testosterone into your gaming diet

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS4 on

Broforce is also available for Nintendo Switch

Broforce is rated Teen by the ESRB

Whenever the devil threatens all of existence, you can count on bros to save the day. This 2D action thrill-ride may be over the top but does it offer enough man candy to satisfy gamers' hungry appetites?

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"Take that, you phallic-looking helicopter!" - Indiana Brones

Broforce is played by controlling a variety of action movie heroes. Of course, their names are altered but anyone who grew up in the 80s and 90s would be able to tell who most of them are right off the bat. You'll meet spoofs of Rambo, The Terminator, MacGyver, Snake Plissken, and even a couple of lady-bros such as Ellen Ripley. You change to a random bro whenever you rescue one. Doing so also grants you an extra life. Each character has a unique set of abilities and weapons so getting to know the whole gang is an absolute blast. No matter who you control, the game is played the same way. You basically make it through stage after stage trying to rescue as many bros as you can while fighting off terrorist forces. If a wall stands in your way then feel free to shoot through it. Overall, the high-octane action, destructible environments, and enormous bosses make Broforce quite an exciting gaming experience. v1d30chumz 3-235-186-94

Visually, it doesn't look much better than your average retro-inspired 2D action game. The environments are rather detailed and are great fun to explore but after completing the entire game, I must say that I'm disappointed by the variety. Many of them are repeated throughout the journey which just feels lazy. That being said, the action is so intense that you'll easily forget about the lack of stage variety. A more significant issue that I had with the presentation is the audio. The explosions, gunfire, and grunts are all very satisfying and the music sounds like it's straight from a cheesy action flick. However, there are moments that are much too loud. For example, you'll play with a somewhat steady audio level then rescue a new bro which results in their extremely loud introduction. I live in an apartment so I try to keep the sound at a respectful volume yet these moments made me reach for my remote so I could mute it. In the end, the graphics are decent and the sound is very well done but the audio levels could definitely use some balancing.

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"This isn't exactly the camping trip that I pictured" - Bro Dredd

Broforce's campaign consists of fifteen stages that are broken up into multiple sections each. You can play cooperatively with three other players either locally or online. Thankfully, a combination of the two is possible as well. Heck, you can even battle your pals locally if you want. Anyway, playing by yourself is fun but inviting other bros to join you makes it all the more awesome. As you progress, you can complete bonus stages to acquire additional power-ups that'll spawn from then on. Therefore, you're looking at an impressively comprehensive campaign. The end of each stage is marked by the devil who just stands there waiting for you to kill him. It's pretty funny, but obviously he won't take that sort of treatment for long so he also acts as the last boss in a much more powerful form. Finally defeating that awful being feels incredible, especially when you get to urinate on his grave. What a ridiculous game.

The biggest problem that I had playing through Broforce came in the form of constant technical issues. The most annoying of which was when the screen seemed to pause for a split second thus rendering any button presses useless. This resulted in dozens of deaths and I seriously don't understand how such a frequent issue got through quality assurance. Some points require you to run and jump but whenever the screen lagged, my character stopped dead in his tracks. Can you imagine how irritating it is missing a jump just because the game didn't register that you pushed the jump button? On top of this undeniably frustrating aspect, some loading screens take forever. Many times, there was a black screen for about 30 seconds and I thought that the PlayStation crashed. Luckily, it never did. Finally, you can get stuck sometimes. Considering stages are destructible, it's possible that a chasm may develop that's much too wide to jump over. Having to restart a stage completely just because a few too many explosions occurred in front of you is an annoying event indeed.

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"First terrorists, now aliens?!" - The Boondock Bros

Broforce is an exciting and satisfying 2D action game that any fan of the genre will love. That being said, be prepared for many frustrating moments that are simply beyond any bro's control.

  • + Awesome action-intense gameplay
  • + Wide variety of fun characters to play as
  • + It's easy to play with others either locally, online, or a combination of the two
  • - Technical issues often interrupt gameplay
  • - It's easy to get stuck and have to restart
  • - Audio levels are uneven with loud bursts that'll make you reach for the remote
7.5 out of 10
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