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BurgerTime Party! Review

Super-fun arcade action for Switch

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a Nintendo Switch on 🍔

BurgerTime Party! is rated Everyone by the ESRB

If you're a long-time gamer like I am then you probably recall playing BurgerTime at some point and now, the fun-filled formula is available in a brand new game. So, stomp on a bun and throw pepper in an egg's face and let's make some burgers!

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BurgerTime Party! screenshot 1
Peter Pepper eagerly awaits his next sausage victim

You may not know this but I am the reigning world champion of BurgerTime. You see, I've made burgers more efficiently than any of my 24 competitors in the past 3 annual IBTS competitions (that's International BurgerTime Showdown in case you've been living under a rock) so I know what I'm talking about when it comes to BurgerTime. Okay, maybe I made all of that up but I do love the series and have been enjoying it for decades from the classic original to the highly underrated Super Burger Time and even the last-gen reboot; BurgerTime: World Tour. Heck, I still own the original NES BurgerTime cartridge. With all of that in mind, I'm glad to say that BurgerTime Party! is the best game in the franchise so far which is, needless to say, very impressive so let's take a look at what makes it fun. v1d30chumz 100-24-118-144

BurgerTime Party! screenshot 2
Playing Battle Burger mode with only 2 players isn't all that fun

For starters, BurgerTime Party! features the same core gameplay where you run back and forth while climbing ladders and stomping over burger parts so they can fall through the floor and eventually assemble a complete burger. This formula is enjoyable on its own but when you factor in enemies that have their own unique intelligence which includes Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Pickle, Mr. Egg, and Mr. Donut; you're left with frantic arcade action at its finest. Plus, BurgerTime Party! includes additional mechanics which help elevate the gameplay to a new level such as levers that toggle bridges, collapsing floors, ice-covered floors, warp ducts, and conveyor belts.

The key to success in BurgerTime is making burgers as efficiently as possible while dealing with the relentless onslaught of enemies in clever ways. Nothing's more satisfying than setting up your foes in a carefully planned trap only to see them waltz right into it then watch your score skyrocket. More specifically, you can throw pepper in their faces to stun them, use an assortment of power-ups, and drop ingredients either on them or with them on it. Of course, the latter is most satisfying because you kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

Besides gameplay, BurgerTime Party! boasts fantastic retro cartoon visuals which are highly reminiscent of Cuphead although not quite as refined. Additionally, the arcade-style music is perfect for score-chasing fun and the animations are downright delightful.

BurgerTime Party! screenshot 3
Hey, this is a Switch game; what's with all the PlayStation symbols?!

BurgerTime Party! contains 4 main modes. First, Solo Burger is a collection of stages to master, the first 20 of which are tutorial levels. Next, Main Burger is another assortment of levels but they're bigger and can be played cooperatively with up to 4 local players which is awesome. In both of these modes, you can earn up to 3 stars on each stage so there's some replay value there.

If you want some competitive multiplayer fun then there's Battle Burger mode which has 2 to 4 players control either Peter Pepper clones or any of their 4 food-based adversaries and it offers some enjoyable team-based mayhem but only if you have 4 players as just 2 makes it feel a bit flat. Finally, Challenge Burger is basically arcade mode with a Classic variation as well as 3 difficulty settings. It features online leaderboards which is cool, especially because I broke the top 10! Anyway, this is definitely a decent amount of content.

Before wrapping this burger up, allow me to discuss a few downsides. One of the biggest issues is that the stages can be exceptionally tightly-packed which can cause a lot of visual confusion, especially when a horde of enemies is chasing you. Also, although I enjoy the local multiplayer modes in their cooperative and competitive variants, I wish there was online multiplayer because that would have been awesome. Finally, I wish there were more unlockables because merely mastering the stages and getting high scores is fun but it feels rather fruitless without a collection of goodies to unlock. For example, I'd like to see Peter Pepper try on a few different hats.

BurgerTime Party! screenshot 4
Would you eat a burger that had each of its components stomped through dirty floors?

Gamers looking for rewarding arcade fun will love BurgerTime Party! The classic gameplay holds up beautifully and when you factor in all of the new mechanics, silly visual style, and array of content; how could you not enjoy this arcade throwback?

  • + Same wonderful classic BurgerTime gameplay with plenty of welcome twists
  • + Fun cartoon visuals and arcade music
  • + Solid amount of modes and stages
  • - Some stages are a bit too tightly-packed which causes much frustration
  • - Lacks online multiplayer support
  • - Could use more unlockables
7.7 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play BurgerTime Party!
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