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Burning Cooking Passion Pro Review

Some people actually like burnt toast

A.J. Maciejewski

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With a myriad of local multiplayer games on Ouya, Burning Cooking Passion Pro is quite a unique experience. The extremely simple gameplay makes it easily accessible for gamers and non-gamers alike.

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Does that say "discusting"? I guess the developers didn't have a spell checker

When you first boot the game up, you're greeted with a basic title screen and a cheerful voice announcing the game's title. You can push a button to view the instructions and most people will be surprised by how simple the game is. Three buttons correspond to different pieces of food that consist of eggs, toast, and bacon. You push each button to start cooking the respective food and push it again to serve it. The goal is to match the order that you receive as closely as possible. These orders always contain all three items but everyone has their own preferences. Some people like their bacon crisp while others like it chewy. The challenge amounts to timing each item and getting as many orders done as best you can within the time limit. It couldn't be simpler and it's great fun with friends. v1d30chumz 3-236-138-35

The title screen is simply a title screen. There is no menu which means there are no modes, options, or variations. You can only zoom the picture in or out and view the manual. After the title screen, players can push a button on their controller to join. When starting a game, make sure that people join in an order that everyone is familiar with because if you don't then it's hard to know which player you are.

The graphics are simple in all of their 16-bit glory. It's easy to see what's expected of you and the current state of each food item. Although the food's state changes gradually, players will learn how to judge each item more accurately as they keep playing. After submitting each order, you are rewarded points and a smiley that correspond to the quality of your work which will either reward you for your efforts or make you want to try harder. Only one song plays throughout the game and it's very lively and catchy. Most people will get it stuck in their head for quite some time after playing.

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Getting an "amazing" will make you feel special

Burning Cooking Passion Pro can be played with one to four players. The game is exponentially more fun depending on the amount of players. Single player is boring and feels like a chore while playing the game with a friend can be fun for a short period of time. However, this game really shines when you manage to get four people to play together. It can be a ton of fun with a full couch although the fun does have its limit. I personally found the game to be the most enjoyable when played in short sessions between other games. This is due to the simplicity of the game as it makes the fun get repetitive quickly. Playing more than a few games in a row tends to feel like it has overstayed its welcome.

There are a couple of interesting factors that add some complexity to Burning Cooking Passion Pro. The better a player does, the more time gets added to their remaining time. This means that players who do poorly will have their restaurants close before more skilled players. If players last long enough, the temperature of everyone's appliances will increase. You know it's time to concentrate when this occurs since items will cook much faster and will burn easily.

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The heat is rising so it's time to be more careful

Burning Cooking Passion Pro is a simple and unique game that anyone can pick up and play. The key to maximizing the amount of fun that you'll have is to play it with as many people as you can. Once you do that, good times will be had by all.

  • + Anyone can easily learn how to play
  • + Can be a lot of fun for four players
  • + Great song will get stuck in your head for days
  • - Only one mode with no variations
  • - Gets repetitive rather quickly and is therefore only fun in short play sessions
  • - Not as fun with less than four players
6.3 out of 10
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