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Cannibal Cuisine Review

Kill 'em and grill 'em

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS5 on 🥩

Cannibal Cuisine is also available for PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

Cannibal Cuisine is rated Teen by the ESRB

There are many couch co-op games inspired by Overcooked so let's have a taste of the silly Cannibal Cuisine and see how delicious it is.

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Aren't those recipe names clever?

Cannibal Cuisine has up to 4 friends play as a collection of god-appeasing locals who are on a mission to serve tourists to their overlords in order to satisfy them. Its gameplay will immediately remind you of Overcooked if you've ever played that delightful co-op treat although this is much simpler as you don't have to prepare ingredients as much because you just gather them and put them on a grill; it's as easy as that. Well, there is one slight complication in that you have to hack and slash away at tourists in order to cultivate their brains, arms, meat, and ribs. Those who are put off by this notion probably won't enjoy Cannibal Cuisine but I thought it was hilarious which is probably a result of my nihilistic sense of humour. If you don't have a similar sick taste in humour then you definitely won't dig this as much as I did. v1d30chumz 3-237-29-69

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Fun fact: if you're as bad as we are, you can get negative points

Just like in Overcooked, each level of Cannibal Cuisine tasks you with completing as many dishes as possible within a time limit. Plus, you're judged according to how well each meal is cooked so timing plays an important role in your score. The simple gameplay mixes with these rules to make for one fast-paced and frantic formula where you'll try your best to navigate each tricky stage as efficiently as possible in order to hopefully be granted 3 stars by the time it's all done. That being said, I found the star thresholds to be too inflated while playing with a friend which made mastering some levels incredibly annoying. I hope they patch this at some point to be more forgiving.

As I briefly mentioned, the stages within Cannibal Cuisine get quite tricky with many moving parts and additional rules such as multiple coloured gods that only accept their ordered recipes. This makes figuring out how to finish levels efficiently feel like a puzzle to work out which is rewarding. You can also set a special ability that can complement the stage such as a dash that you can pass over chasms with. My favourite is a totem that heals anyone who stands in its range as I placed it wherever the tourists spawn. Meanwhile, there's a versus mode where players compete to get the best score and that adds a whole different spin on the core gameplay as you fend for yourself although I wish you could mess with your friends in clever ways. Instead, it's just a chaotic mess; a fun chaotic mess, mind you.

On the downside, the campaign is super-short and can easily be completed within 1 or 2 gaming sessions. Aside from having fun in the versus mode and getting 3 stars on every level, there are no replay incentives so Cannibal Cuisine ends up being a game that you'll shelve much sooner than you'd hope. I also wish it did more to set itself apart from Overcooked because the differences don't really make it feel like a fresh experience. Perhaps they could have restructured how stages play out; that would have been interesting. I did enjoy the boss levels where you take part in arena battles and outrun a giant spiky log, though, as they added some welcome variety.

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Is this the new season of Hell's Kitchen?

Cannibal Cuisine is definitely a fun and irreverent couch co-op game that'll appeal to anyone with a sick sense of humour. With that in mind, it's a disappointingly short experience and it plays it rather safe by being a little too similar to Overcooked.

  • + Fast-paced co-op gameplay that's streamlined yet tricky enough to be fun
  • + Great irreverent sense of humour
  • + Versus mode is a decent addition
  • - Doesn't do nearly enough to differentiate itself from the more fulfilling Overcooked
  • - Extremely short campaign
  • - Star thresholds are annoying in multiplayer
6.5 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Cannibal Cuisine
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