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Cat Quest Review

A fur-filled feline fantasy RPG

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS4 on

Cat Quest is also available for Nintendo Switch

Cat Quest is rated Everyone 10+ by the ESRB

You wouldn't expect an epic action RPG adventure to star an adorable kitty. Cat Quest may look cute but it boasts an addictive campaign that'll gradually transform you from a harmless kitten to a fierce feline warrior.

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The Catpital has the nicest litter boxes

Cat Quest has you control a capable cat knight who's on a mission to rescue his sister and hopefully stomp out the evil that has invaded his beloved kingdom. You do so by pouncing across the surprisingly large overworld map while entering the odd dungeon along the way. The controls are fairly basic as all you have to do is attack and dodge as well as occasionally unleash spells via the shoulder buttons. Your need to dodge is where the combat really shines. Basically, you can see when and where enemies will attack with the help of obvious onscreen cues and it's your job to dodge before they have a chance to harm you. Carefully threading through a horde of enemies while releasing devastating magic spells and hacking and slashing up the survivors is so much fun. I must say, I definitely wasn't expecting the combat system in a game called "Cat Quest" to be as enjoyable as this. v1d30chumz 3-236-65-63

The world of Cat Quest is full of goofy puns and silly characters which makes for a rather lively and lighthearted campaign. There are more dire moments but it's hard to take a game starring cute kitties seriously. The fantastic orchestral music always fits the action purrfectly and the effects in combat make battling your enemies all the more satisfying. Overall, Cat Quest is one charming action RPG.

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I'm hopped up on catnip and ready to raid some dungeons!

One of the best aspects of Cat Quest is its character growth dynamic. As you progress, you'll level up and acquire new pieces of equipment. If you happen to collect a repeat piece of equipment, it will level up so purchasing mystery items at the shop always pays off. That being said, if you level up an item that decreases one of your stats then it'll decrease it further which is extremely counterintuitive. Anyway, unlocking and customizing your loadout of spells is a fun experiment and you'll also eventually learn the ability to walk on water as well as fly. By the end of the journey, you'll be amazed by how much more capable your little kitty has become.

Although Cat Quest is definitely a worthwhile game, it does have its issues. For starters, the simple combat is enjoyable at first but there isn't much variety which makes it become repetitive quite early on. Even the bosses can be taken down using the same strategies that you use on regular enemies. Next, I completed the game within a few hours and don't have that much more content to complete before I exhaust everything Cat Quest has to offer. This is disappointing because the dungeons could have been much larger and offered puzzles and such but instead, it's all over well before you'd want it to be. Finally, I experienced regular slowdown in my playthrough which really messed up my rhythm. It didn't happen constantly but when it did, it was incredibly annoying.

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As if fighting these dastardly dragons one by one wasn't tough enough...

If you're looking for a simplistic yet fun action RPG set in a charming world then Cat Quest is a definite must-buy game. However, don't expect the catnip to keep you under its spell for long.

  • + Enjoyable combat that requires precision dodging and strategic use of spells
  • + Fun-filled and cute world
  • + Satisfying character growth
  • - Core gameplay becomes rather repetitive after only a short while
  • - Brief campaign / not much replay value
  • - Odd annoying slowdown
7.4 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Cat Quest
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