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Century: Age of Ashes Review

Online multiplayer dragon combat

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS5 on 🐉

Century: Age of Ashes is also available for Xbox Series X and Xbox One

Century: Age of Ashes is rated Teen by the ESRB

If you enjoy flight-based combat then Century: Age of Ashes' online multiplayer battles may find a welcome home in your gaming library.

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Time to observe another player's strategies

An age of dragons

Simply put, Century: Age of Ashes has you fight competing dragons within large-scale arenas. For starters, the flight controls are handled intuitively as you steer in any direction and can accelerate as well as brake in order to make sharp turns. In fact, anyone can easily learn how to soar around while occasionally boosting and the attacks are somewhat simple, too. Specifically, you tap the face buttons to launch a couple of long-range attacks as well as deploy fire breath and utilize a powerful skill. These attacks require you to lock-on to an adversary and launching a skill at the right moment only to watch it land and cause substantial damage makes for a satisfying occurrence. v1d30chumz 44-210-77-106

Quite the spectacle

One aspect of Century: Age of Ashes that blew me away is its visuals. First, there are a ton of dragons to collect and customize and they all look awesome. With that being said, there are only a few riders and they're rather generic with masked Marauders and Phantoms, a pretty lady Windguard, and a tough-looking Viking Stormraiser. In other words, the dragons are where it's at. Plus, the arenas are stunningly detailed so whether you're fighting above a castle, over a desert, or between cliffsides; it always looks great. Well, there is a lot of motion blur which can make things look muddy when you're turning but other than that, this is one great-looking game. 🐲

Century: Age of Ashes screenshot 2
The sense of speed is fantastic

A few ways to battle

The main mode of Century: Age of Ashes (Carnage) involves 2 teams of 6 as they try to rack up the most amount of kills within 3 rounds. These matches are frantic and the constant back-and-forth can be rather intense, especially whenever both teams are evenly matched. Meanwhile, Gates of Fire will have you capture a flag then fly through checkpoints to score points and Spoils of War has you collect money and deposit it at your home base. These modes are exceptionally well-balanced and fine-tuned to be superbly enjoyable. Most notably, the random events such as enemy spawns and having your vault locked in Spoils of War add a ton of variety to the action. 🗝️


Considering Century: Age of Ashes is free-to-play, it obviously has microtransactions as well as various editions, passes, pieces of DLC, and all that junk. Whereas many games come across like pay-to-win, Century: Age of Ashes seems to be more about collecting cosmetic items and unlockables so I never felt compelled to purchase anything with real money although I imagine that some folks might. The part of all this that annoyed me is just how complicated everything is. From 3 currencies to character levels and quests to boosters and passes; I still can't wrap my head around everything and I'm sure that's intentional. Thankfully, hatching the dragon eggs at least made me smile. 🐣

Pro tip: if you use real money for anything in Century: Age of Ashes, be sure to write down how much you used because these kinds of games can get out of hand as it's very easy to lose track of how much total real-world money you spent. Ask yourself: is it worth it? 💸

Technical issues

Although the combat and visuals are great and customizing your dragon can be a rewarding endeavour with the incredible amount of unlockables, Century: Age of Ashes has its issues that frequently take away from the fun. Of course, these may be smoothed out with a patch but as of right now, the game completely stalled on me multiple times, especially during respawn countdowns and before matches began. I was often tempted to turn the game off but opted to wait and inevitably, things started working again. However, I'd sometimes be sitting on the sidelines of a match for minutes at a time as I watched the opposing team decimate us. That's not fun. 🙁

Also, some skills are far too overpowered. For example, you can fly behind a structure to avoid oncoming projectiles but the fire breath depletes your health far too quickly and it's super-tough to dodge as all you can do is brake and try to fly in another direction. 🔥

Century: Age of Ashes screenshot 3
Aw; who's this little cutie?

Century: Age of Ashes features excellent combat, incredibly fun and well thought-out modes, and striking visuals. So, if you want to control a customisable dragon in epic air-based battles then give it a go but make sure to play it responsibly.

  • + Excellent combat with smooth controls, satisfying attacks, and nifty power-ups
  • + Dragons and arenas look awesome
  • + Every mode is superbly fine-tuned
  • - Currencies, unlockables, and level-ups are far too convoluted and hard-to-follow
  • - Currently has some super-annoying bugs
  • - Too much motion blur / unbalanced skills
7.1 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Century: Age of Ashes
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