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Chimparty Review

Monkey around with friends

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS4 via PlayLink on

Chimparty is rated Everyone by the ESRB

Earlier this year, the fantastic PlayLink party game Frantics debuted and now, we have a new mini-game collection starring a bunch of chimps from the same developers. Charge your phone and let's monkey around!

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I think the orange chimp will end up being top banana

Chimparty is a PlayLink game which means that each player needs to play using a mobile device after downloading the appropriate app. Thankfully, controlling these goofy colourful chimps is incredibly intuitive and simple. There are a handful of control methods yet they all involve using just one button. For example, you'll find yourself holding the button down to charge jumps once the onscreen arrow is pointing in the desired direction. Afterwards, tapping the button to "toot" in mid-air allows you to hover. Some mini-games are team-based such as one that plays like Pong where each player on a team taps to move their paddle in one direction while the other player can only move in the opposite direction. It's simple and intuitive gameplay like this that allows Chimparty to be accessible while the creative mini-games make the gameplay a fantastically fun-filled experience. v1d30chumz 3-235-186-94

When it comes to graphics and sound, Chimparty is a top-notch party game. Everything is well animated and colourful and the visuals never get too chaotic as to get in the way of the gameplay. That being said, the graphics did stutter from time to time but it was a very rare occurrence so it didn't take away from the fun. On the audio side, the music is full of cool jungle rhythms that create a relaxing vibe while the effects of chimps yelping and bouncing off walls offer a sense of excitement to the onscreen action. Meanwhile, an announcer frequently exclaims phrases like "bongo time!" and "banana!" which I consistently found funny and charming.

Chimparty screenshot 2
A bunch of chimps re-enact Nintendo's classic NES game Ice Climber

Chimparty consists of a few modes: a multiplayer board game, a solo challenge mode, and the ability to work through a random or player-chosen playlist of mini-games. First off, the board game is fun and the lack of it in Frantics was a substantial downside. However, the way it plays out is far too random. It's almost like playing Candy Land where the winner requires more luck than anything. Winning mini-games allows you to travel closer to the goal but if you land on an occupied square, you automatically move ahead so you could perform poorly then end up at the front of the pack. There are also spaces that force you to move ahead or back so it's very random.

The mini-games themselves are quite varied and offer tons of fun. Each one can be played in 5 variants (Pirate, Haunted, Wizard, Jungle, and Alien) which change the games significantly by providing new stage layouts, mechanics, themes, and more. There may not be loads of mini-games but these variations definitely more than make up for any shortcomings in this regard. That being said, the mini-games featured here are far less complex than the ones included in Frantics so if you enjoyed the somewhat in-depth gameplay in that game then you may be disappointed with the simplicity and shallowness of Chimparty's mini-games.

Finally, I found the AI opponents in Chimparty to be kind of irritating. While playing with a friend, we found ourselves beating the computer players by a lot in some of the games but in other ones, it was super-difficult to even come close to winning. In addition to this, whenever we were on a computer player's team, they would often do really stupid things and make us lose the game as a result. I wish the artificial intelligence adapted to how well you played in order to provide a more satisfying level of challenge.

Chimparty screenshot 3
In a surprising twist, the purple chimp became king of the jungle

If you're looking for a fun party game that gamers of all skill levels can enjoy together then you certainly can't go wrong with Chimparty. The intuitive gameplay, enjoyable mini-games, and cheerful graphics and sound make for one happening party.

  • + Loads of fun mini-games with various control methods and variations
  • + Fun-filled graphics and sound design
  • + Controlling from your phone works great
  • - Mini-games lack substantial depth
  • - The board game mode is far too random
  • - AI opponents can be irritating
7.5 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Chimparty
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