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Chorus Review

Cinematic space combat

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS5 on

Chorus is also available for PS4, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One

Chorus is rated Teen by the ESRB

There aren't as many space combat games as there used to be but Chorus is here to prove that the genre is relevant so let's take off.

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Time to take our home base back

Chorus has you play as the expert pilot Nara who used to be a member of a cult that seemed good at first but has since turned nefarious. So, she leaves the cult while knowing that she would be marked as a heretic and makes it her goal to put an end to them once and for all. The story that follows is filled with plenty of dialogue with the many NPCs that inhabit Nara's galaxy but the most stand-out aspect is that she regularly whispers her thoughts which I figured was odd at first but I actually grew to appreciate it as a unique storytelling method. Heck, it's better than putting some dumb echo on her regular speaking voice, isn't it? Anyway, even though the story is generally simple, I absolutely loved the situations that Nara gets into along her journey and was definitely intrigued throughout. v1d30chumz 3-236-65-63

It's odd that a space combat game is as story-focused as this but the characters really pop with a solid voice cast and distinct personalities that range from straightforward and no-nonsense to hapless and clumsy. There are evil forces at play, too, which remain ominous and fear-inducing. Thankfully, the visuals are outstanding complete with detailed space stations, gorgeous horizons, and strange sights.

Chorus screenshot 2
I hope there are some new weapons in stock

With all of that being said, I wanted to play Chorus for its gameplay which is very well handled for the most part. Flying is accomplished through steering and controlling pitch with the right stick as well as roll-dodging and altering speed with the left while you use various inputs to boost at 2 speeds and re-adjust your ship so it's flying straight. You don't have six degrees of freedom which I would have loved but the intuitive controls certainly allow anyone to easily pick it up and play with very little need for practice. Meanwhile, you can select weapons with the D-pad then shoot 1 at a time and the face buttons correspond to nifty Rites such as being able to scan your surroundings and immediately warp behind an enemy ship. There are other skills that you'll unlock such as drifting which is cool.

Considering Chorus is easy to control, I'm happy to say that its dogfights are intense and most are rather challenging on the medium difficulty. You'll come across a wide variety of enemy types as you advance through the campaign and learning how to take each one of them down effectively is rewarding stuff. Speaking of which, you'll also encounter oodles of side-missions which I thoroughly enjoyed as they'll have you participating in races, searching debris, escorting NPC ships, controlling massive warships, and more. Completing these will grant you money and equipment that will help ease the challenge. Specifically, you can equip Gatling, Laser, and Missile weapons and up to 3 mods for boosts as well as upgrade your hull and shield. There's a mastery system, too, that will give even more boosts.

Although these enhancements are rewarding, I wish that you could change your loadout in a more substantial manner. Simply equipping the best stuff doesn't really require any strategy and I would have loved setting up unique ships for certain situations. My only other complaints involve frustration that occasionally rears its ugly head in various ways. For example, some scenarios don't complement the core gameplay well such as when you have to fight mine-spewing enemies in tight spaces and complete timed events with too much chaos surrounding you. The most frequent annoyance is dark areas which can be super-tricky to navigate without constantly deploying your scan Rite. Instead, it would have been great to light up surfaces just a bit so you could see exactly what your surroundings are.

Chorus screenshot 3
Sounds like a plan, Great Prophet!

Chorus provides both solid space dogfights with intuitive controls and a distinctly presented story that remains engaging throughout. It may have its maddening moments that hold it back from greatness but it's still an impressively promising original IP.

  • + Intense space dogfights with intuitive controls that anyone can enjoy
  • + Intriguing story and characters
  • + Plenty of fairly fun side-missions
  • - Customizing your ship feels limiting
  • - Occasional frustrating scenarios
  • - Dark areas can be irritating to navigate
7.9 out of 10
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