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Clouds & Sheep 2 Review

Sheep are just clouds with legs anyway

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing an Xbox One on

Clouds & Sheep 2 is also available for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Clouds & Sheep 2 is rated Everyone by the ESRB

Some games are built simply for some good old family fun. Clouds & Sheep 2 (a sequel to a few year old mobile title) is just that with plenty of cuteness and humour for young and old but does it hold up as a game?

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Oh, so that's why lonely farmers always have flowers on hand!

Clouds & Sheep 2 is a simple point-and-click farm management game where you try to keep your flock as numerous and happy as possible. You accomplish this by moving the cursor around to interact with sheep and use gathered materials to purchase useful items and objects to place on your plot of land. In order to keep the sheep happy, you have to make sure they're well fed, healthy, and warm. Once their basic needs are covered, you can play with them by throwing them up in the air and flinging them across the screen by their tails. I'm sure actual sheep would hate this sort of treatment but these silly rams and ewes enjoy it thoroughly. Once two sheep eat a certain flower which makes their hearts fill with love, you can match them up to create a big floating heart. You can then combine that heart with a cloud to create a brand new adorable baby sheep. So, that's how sheep are made! It's this sort of cute and simple fun that makes it a suitable game to play while entertaining the kids. v1d30chumz 3-235-186-94

As you can probably already tell, there's a strong sense of humour in Clouds & Sheep 2. The way the sheep play and procreate will make any adult crack a smile while children will love the general bright colours and goofy animations. The lighthearted orchestral music and sound effects also contribute to the overall sense of levity but the silliest part of the audio is the voices. Each sheep is clearly voiced by a human making strange sheep noises which made me regularly laugh out loud. I can just imagine these people messing around in the sound booth as the director said something like, "Okay, now sound like you're flying through the air!"

Clouds & Sheep 2 screenshot 2
I think starting a sheep farm at the North Pole was a bad idea...

Mastering Clouds & Sheep 2 requires a lot of juggling between tending to each sheep's needs. If a sheep is neglected for too long, it perishes and leaves behind a tombstone. However, you can spend stars to bring it back to life. Anyway, one aspect that I enjoyed a great deal is that you can have up to four simultaneous farms going at once within different environments. You start with a generic farm but you eventually unlock Winter World, Treasure Island, and a Prairie as you complete missions and level up. Being able to flip through these locations to complete missions more efficiently is great fun and exploring distinct areas adds some needed variety.

A significant problem I had with Clouds & Sheep 2 is that it's hard to gauge some necessary actions. For example, you can make it rain by combining clouds but I could never tell if I was watering the flowers appropriately. That being said, my biggest issue is the fact that I frequently hit a wall where I couldn't do much due to limited supplies and resources so I had little choice but to watch a few sheep bite the dust as I waited for trees to shed wood and sheep to grow their wool out more. These scenarios are not only frustrating; they can make you want to start the whole game over again because you can get into some very sticky situations. Finally, it's pretty clear that Clouds & Sheep 2 is aimed at entertaining kids but that doesn't mean that it can't provide a worthy challenge. In other words, it's either way too easy or you reach a point where you're struggling to get anything done. There's no happy middle ground.

Clouds & Sheep 2 screenshot 3
This sheep is thoroughly confused by the Easter basket and pirate swag

In the end, I'm quite pleased with Clouds & Sheep 2. It may not be much of a game but it's a worthy download as a silly distraction for kids to watch and have a few giggles. You might have a few yourself, too.

  • + Simple fun for the whole family
  • + An enjoyable sense of humour wrapped in cute visuals and sound
  • + The variety of areas adds replay value
  • - It's hard to gauge certain actions
  • - Becomes frustrating whenever you hit a wall where you can't do much
  • - Lacks a satisfying sense of challenge
6.2 out of 10
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