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Color Bombs Review

It definitely bombs, that's for sure

A.J. Maciejewski

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Color Bombs is rated Everyone by the ESRB

Nothing shows lack of creativity more than copying someone else's ideas. Every Extend Extra came out almost ten years ago and it was a pretty fun game, so why the heck would anyone take the effort to create an awful variation of it in 2015?

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Color Bombs screenshot 1
How did this screenshot of an early Flash game get in here? Oh, never mind...

As previously mentioned, Color Bombs is played a lot like Every Extend Extra. For the unfamiliar, this means that you detonate a bomb (or in this case, a grey target that transforms into a faint shadow) in order to create a chain reaction of exploding objects. Somehow, Color Bombs not only sucks all of the fun out of the Every Extend Extra formula, it also manages to feel like a completely unfinished train wreck of an experience. For starters, you work your way through brief levels as opposed to striving for high scores. This means that you begin a level, position and time your explosion, then watch and wait to see if you achieved the target amount of chains or not. If you failed to do so then you repeat the process. Seeing as luck plays an enormous role and that the only gameplay involves tapping a button once, how much fun could you possibly have? At least it's easy to learn... I guess. v1d30chumz 100-24-118-144

Out of the countless problems that Color Bombs suffers from, I'll start with its presentation. Upon booting it up, you're treated to a single-toothed grinning sun that made me laugh out loud immediately. It's seriously the silliest picture I've ever seen in any game's menu. Obviously, that's not a legitimate complaint but there sure is a lot to complain about once you start playing. The bombs themselves look like barely animated spit balls and when too many are on the screen at once, the frame rate grinds to a screeching halt. You're telling me that a console that can play Xenoblade Chronicles X with its massive world rendering seamlessly can't even keep up with a few 2D balls of colour floating around? To add even more embarrassment to the equation, a brooding track plays throughout that contrasts with the otherwise goofy game. I really can't imagine anything about Color Bombs appealing to anyone.

Color Bombs screenshot 2
Red obstacles? Now, that's awfully tricky!

Color Bombs consists of three sections divided into 20 levels each. Although the sections differ slightly, the gameplay is still the exact same thing. The only exceptions are that the second section has red obstacles and the third has a time limit but these restrictions really don't make the game any more challenging. In fact, the difficulty actually becomes easier as you progress through each section because the amount of bombs increases as you move on. Of course, the more bombs you have; the easier it is to get larger chains. If there were more bombs when you started and they gradually got taken away then it would feel more like a game complete with a progressive difficulty curve. Instead, we get a walk down easy street with luck being the only significant factor. Anyway, the entire game can be finished within half an hour and the only replay incentive is to beat the record for each stage. Why anyone would care to do that is beyond me, especially considering how much luck is involved.

One thing I really can't wrap my head around is that there are different colours on the screen yet they represent nothing. Most games with colours implement some sort of system like if you get a chain of yellow bombs then you get more points, but the creators of this mess thought that it looked pretty enough then left it at that. Why even bother? Just make everything grey.

Color Bombs screenshot 3
Surprisingly enough, the time limit doesn't actually make it any more difficult

As of writing this, Color Bombs is the worst game that I've ever reviewed. I honestly don't know why anyone would play it. Games like this give the Wii U eShop a bad name and Nintendo should really implement a higher standard of quality control.

  • + It's easy to learn
  • - A stripped down and outright boring take on the Every Extend Extra formula
  • - Embarrassingly awful presentation
  • - Goes against all basic video game logic
1.3 out of 10
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