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Conga Master Party Review

Shake your body baby, do the conga!

A.J. Maciejewski

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Conga Master Party is rated Everyone by the ESRB

If you play a game that only uses two buttons then it better have enjoyable gameplay. Thankfully, Conga Master Party is a delightful little game that you can play with friends. So, shimmy on over to your Switch and get ready to dance!

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Excuse me, Mr. Elephant; care to join in on the fun?

That's right; Conga Master Party only uses two buttons. Basically, holding each shoulder button rotates your perpetually-moving character while holding both together makes them dash. The basic premise is that you dance as close as possible to other partygoers which makes them more inclined to join your conga line. However, don't bump into anyone or they'll think you're rude. Obviously, the longer your line is; the more people will be intrigued by your human train of fun times. As a result, each stage starts slow but ends up being quite a raving shindig. That being said, you have to be careful not to let your momentum dip too low because once you're out, the party's over. To fill it, all you have to do is keep recruiting an assortment of goofballs and once you collect enough of each of the four types, the door will open and off you go to the next level. Oh, wait a second! The aliens invade between stages so you'll have to run and jump to minimize your casualties before the next level begins. v1d30chumz 100-24-118-144

The simplistic core gameplay and intuitive rules makes for a surprisingly fun and strangely addictive time. When you incorporate the kooky UFO mini-game between levels, you're looking at an unconventional campaign to say the least. To complement the silly premise, the fantastic Latin and electronic music will keep you tapping your toes as you play and the cute pixel-filled visuals and well-animated sprites make the party feel even livelier. Overall, it's a simple and joyful game that's fun to pick up whenever you want to unwind.

Conga Master Party screenshot 2
I wish those evil alien conquerors would keep their slimy hands off my dance squad...

Although Conga Master has been out for a couple months already, this Switch "Party" edition is a more complete experience as it features 8 multiplayer variations for up to 4 players. Most of these variations simply test who can create the longest conga line but there are twists. For example, Cut the Conga has a scissors power-up that lets you cut opposing conga lines and 1-2-Conga has you play rock-paper-scissors whenever you bump into an opponent so the winner can steal some dancers. This may sound awesome, but only a few of these variations are worthwhile. Some of the modes simply don't work such as Just Conga where you have to pose with the Joy-Con but my friends and I just couldn't figure out how to get it to work. Also, the co-op mode (Command & Conga) is so frustrating that it's ridiculous. Most of the playable modes are very similar to each other so you don't really get that much multiplayer content.

Speaking of lack of content, if you're looking to play Conga Master Party solo then all you get is a linear story mode and an endless mode. There are dozens of characters to unlock and you can scan up to 12 amiibo statues to unlock additional costumes. As a side note, I find it weird that my Animal Crossing chums worked but none of my Super Smash Bros. ones did. Anyway, this lack of longevity when it comes to the single player component is disappointing. On top of that, the basic gameplay begins to overstay its welcome after the novelty wears off. As a result, it's not the sort of game you'll play for hours but it's still enjoyable for the little while that it lasts.

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Rock, paper, conga!

Conga Master Party is a fun-filled and unique little game. Unfortunately, it doesn't have much staying power whether you prefer playing solo or with friends. In other words, it's a party that you wouldn't regret going to but not one that you'll likely remember.

  • + Simple yet strangely addictive gameplay
  • + Cute pixel visuals and great music
  • + Fun multiplayer modes for up to 4 friends
  • - Basic gameplay gets stale quite fast
  • - Not much single player content
  • - Only a few of the multiplayer variations are actually worthwhile
6.6 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Conga Master Party
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