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Crash Drive 3 Review

Online sandbox fun

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS5 on 🚗

Crash Drive 3 is also available for PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

Crash Drive 3 is rated Everyone by the ESRB

Cars are good for driving places but in Crash Drive 3, they do flips and stuff so get ready for some zany online multiplayer entertainment.

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Shall I do it? Shall I go over the edge?

Crash Drive 3 is the sort of game that folks of all ages can easily enjoy. All you do is drive your vehicle of choice around somewhat large environments while competing in events if there happens to be other players online in that environment. The core controls are what you'd expect from a vehicle-based game with a handy boost button and you can rotate and flip in all sorts of directions after launching yourself into the air from a ramp. It's incredibly easy to pick-up-and-play with intuitive controls, immediately understandable objectives, and helpful onscreen pointers. So, whether you're a little kid, an old fogey, or anywhere in-between; if you're comfortable with a game controller then you'll have no problem racing around while performing nifty stunts and completing the many challenges like a pro. v1d30chumz 3-237-29-69

Thankfully, the fun can be had at your own pace. If you don't feel like participating in an event then you can just let it happen as you explore the environment for collectibles or practice tricks. Although this open-ended approach to Crash Drive 3 is welcome, it also means that it's tough to find online players who actually participate in the events. To illustrate this, there were many events where I was the only one who ended up with any points because everyone else was just having fun while doing their own thing.

Crash Drive 3 screenshot 2
Oh, I'd argue that this is more than a regular tank...

Speaking of events, there are a lot in Crash Drive 3 such as simple races, capturing specific points on the map, collecting coins, earning as many points from stunts as possible, smacking as hard into a beach ball as you can, and, my favourite, cops and robbers where robbers pick up gold bars and cops have to stop them. This wide assortment of events randomly present themselves as you're driving around so you never know what you'll end up doing next. There's even a fun tank combat game thrown in! On top of all this, there are challenges to complete which double as Crash Drive 3's achievement system and involve things like performing certain moves, etc.

As you complete events and challenges, you'll earn cash that you can purchase additional vehicles with as well as upgrade them to improve their stats such as boost, handling, and speed. Getting a new ride only to show it off to the other online players is a rewarding treat. Speaking of online, it's impressive to enjoy multiplayer with chums from all sorts of different platforms, especially considering how seamless it's all integrated. You'll join players on PC, different consoles, and mobile devices so it's a true cross-platform experience.

Of course, Crash Drive 3 has its faults with the most prominent being the fact that the whole gameplay loop becomes rather flat after a while. It only took me a few hours to unlock all of the areas and master most of the challenges then after that, I just felt like I was going through the motions. Thankfully, there are 5 distinct settings in the form of Arctic, forest, tropics, canyons, and the moon which helps offer some variety. I especially appreciated how distinct each environment is with plenty of silly set pieces like medieval stuff.

Crash Drive 3 screenshot 3
If there were beach balls on the moon in Grand Theft Auto, maybe it wouldn't suck so hard

If you're ever in doubt that video games are a true form of art, play Crash Drive 3. Its thought-provoking missions that are set in a variety of whimsical environments really spoke to me in a deep, personal, and meaningful way. Oh, and the cars go vroom-vroom!

  • + Enjoyable free-roaming gameplay where you have fun at your own pace
  • + Brilliantly-integrated online multiplayer
  • + Lots of different events and vehicles
  • - Gameplay gradually turns from casual fun to flavourless gum
  • - Doesn't take long to master everything
  • - It's hard to find good competition
7.3 out of 10
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