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Cursed to Golf Review

You better be as good as Tiger

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing an Xbox Series X on

Cursed to Golf is also available for Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch

Cursed to Golf is rated Everyone by the ESRB

2D golf games have been picking up steam in recent years so let's hit the links and see how Cursed to Golf fares on the course.

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Time Stop? Dio?! Is that a JoJo reference?

Golf in the afterlife

The premise of Cursed to Golf is that you play as a professional golfer who's struck by lightning then unfortunately perishes as a result. However, you then find yourself in Golf Purgatory where you're tasked with completing 18 holes of golf in a survival-based roguelike setup. I must say; this is one clever premise for a game as it ties in with the gameplay perfectly. I also enjoy the somewhat dark nature of it all because it's pretty humorous to think that this poor golfer has to now perform his profession for eternity. It also follows a similar premise to Hades which is kind of funny when you think about it, especially because that's about all that the 2 games have in common. v1d30chumz 44-212-99-248

Dark but cute

Despite its dark premise, Cursed to Golf looks excellent with its lovely character sprites, pixel-perfect environments, and smooth animations. The characters that you'll meet along the way with the primary one being the ghost of a stereotypical Scotsman are a pleasure to watch interact with you as well considering your character doesn't say anything and only reacts with adorable gestures. 🤭

Cursed to Golf screenshot 2
I think I'd be able to concentrate better if the audience wasn't so creepy

Get a good grip of your club

When it comes to gameplay, Cursed to Golf keeps things simple at its core as all you do is choose your club from a selection of 3 and which direction to swing (left or right) then tap a button for a power gauge and the angle of your shot. Although this sounds simple enough, there are many mechanics and gimmicks that get thrown your way such as spin where you can adjust where the ball will bounce as it's soaring through the air. It's also incredibly challenging stuff considering each hole is super-long and often takes place in a maze-like stage which forces you to be incredibly precise with every swing. In fact, the terrain can be a bit too frustrating at times with plenty of 90° ledges everywhere which means that landing next to them usually renders your next swing utterly futile. 🥺

Deal the cards

Thankfully, Cursed to Golf features a system involving Ace Cards where you can gather and utilize a wide variety of power-ups whenever you wish. I'd even argue that strategically taking advantage of this system is more valuable than your golf skills. For example, you can detonate a wall of TNT boxes with one power-up then with another, explode your ball into 3 after you launch it then choose which one to play on your next swing. Knowing when and how to use each card will turn the tides in your favour so definitely flip through your deck often for optimal performance. However, even with plenty of Ace Cards up your sleeve, success can still rely a bit too much on luck. 🃏

Is that all there is?

Cursed to Golf features an impressive amount of holes that take place within 4 distinct environmental themes. With that in mind, simply getting past the first environment will require a ton of practice and plenty of attempts so needless to say, the visuals become rather tiresome to look at fairly early on. Not only that; the gameplay also becomes super-repetitive because it's so brutally challenging that implementing the same strategies over and over again as you become marginally better can be a patience-testing experience. With only the 1 roguelike mode to master as well as a practice driving range area, I wish there was much more to sink your teeth into. 😳

Cursed to Golf screenshot 3
As if this wasn't hard enough; now I have to deal with curses?!

I mostly enjoyed my time with Cursed to Golf but just like Arnold Palmer, I'll be happy to retire with a nice cool glass of lemonade and iced tea because it can be quite a frustrating game that starts to overstay its welcome sooner rather than later. 🍹

  • + Tight and challenging golf gameplay with a clever strategic card system
  • + Charming visuals and fun premise
  • + Collecting cards is rewarding
  • - Success often relies on luck in many situations
  • - Terrain can be brutally frustrating
  • - Gameplay and scenery get repetitive fast
7.1 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Cursed to Golf
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