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Curved Space Review

Someone call the EDF

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS5 on

Curved Space is also available for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

Curved Space is rated Everyone 10+ by the ESRB

Fighting alien insects isn't new but Curved Space is here to bring many interesting elements to classic shooting gameplay. Strap in!

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Oh noes; alien robot spiders every which way!

I remember playing an absurd amount of PS1 games back in the day and the ones that really spoke to me were the arcade-style games such as N2O: Nitrous Oxide, Tempest X3, Nanotek Warrior, and even Apocalypse (you know, the one starring Bruce Willis). Curved Space follows in the tradition of these kinds of games and it feels like a long-lost PS1 gem in this regard although it obviously looks better. v1d30chumz 3-235-186-94

So, what the heck do you do? Well, you glide a little ship around the surface of the stage that, get this, is actually in 3D! Whoa... Not only that, you can wrap around most edges which means that the stages can be quite a mind-bending trip. Meanwhile, you'll blast your equipped weapons at alien robot spider things. Right away, that's enough of a game for me but there's more! You can also latch onto enemies via a lash beam then connect them to a node in order to sap their life force, enter overdrive mode when it's charged for more firepower, dash to avoid attacks as well as reflect projectiles, send out shockwaves, and a bunch of other cool crap. 😁

As an expert game reviewer, I know that graphics are super-important. In fact, I often feel compelled to run video games through all sorts of monitoring software to make sure that their frame rates or resolutions don't dip beneath certain thresholds. After all, numbers and graphs dictate quality; aesthetics do not. Anyway, although I didn't measure Curved Space's visual performance through a spectral analyzer or quantum refractor, I can easily say that it looks good. It's a good-looking game. It looks like it belongs in an arcade. There's also a protagonist who chimes in and talks through your controller and I enjoyed her company and advice as I played. 😊

Curved Space screenshot 2
Curved Space would be a good fit for VR, don't you think?

All of these gameplay elements come together to make for an exciting formula where you're constantly juggling mechanics while dealing with whatever scenarios are presented and it's a heck of a lot of fun. For example, one minute, you'll be trying to survive an onslaught while the next, you're powering-up a node by lashing a chain of spiders to it. Then, a big boss will emerge and after seeing that monstrosity then rinsing your panties in the kitchen sink, you'll unpause and attempt to take that ugly bastard down. 😄

As you progress, you'll decide which permanent upgrades to unlock as well as which paths to take at certain intervals and that makes the campaign have a roguelike structure, I guess, especially because you might lose all your lives. I never did, though, because I'm like... really good at video games? On top of all that, there are loads of satisfying weapons to experiment with such as flamethrowers so you can make spider-kebabs and charge lasers that'll tear the spiders brand new buttholes. Do spiders have buttholes? Probably.

So, it's pretty clear that I had a lot of fun with Curved Space but is it truly the bee's knees? Well, it has some downsides such as how there aren't that many enemy types. Sure, there are different kinds and sizes of spiders, there are roly-polies; but, you don't really have to change up your strategy much to take them on. Also, once you get used to how all of the gameplay elements work, there's isn't much of a challenge because you can tear through stages without much effort after you master the core mechanics.

Curved Space screenshot 3
I've heard of giant enemy crabs but giant enemy spiders?!

If your idea of fun is flicking your boogers on the wall to see which ones stick, you probably won't enjoy Curved Space. However, those who simply want some old-school action in a roguelike setup will surely appreciate what it has to offer.

  • + Exciting core gameplay with many innovative and rewarding mechanics thrown in
  • + Large variety of mind-bending stages
  • + Nice arcade visuals and appealing protagonist
  • - Once you get used to how everything works, it's not all that challenging
  • - Enemies could use more variety
7.4 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Curved Space
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