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Paint the town red

A.J. Maciejewski

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de Blob is also available for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Wii

de Blob is rated Everyone by the ESRB

You have to love it when underrated classic games get remade for modern consoles. de Blob delighted 3D platformer fans on the Wii almost a decade ago and it holds up beautifully so let's get this colourful party started!

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Who's up for a game of hoops?

If you owned a Wii back in the day then you might have heard of a little platformer known as de Blob. Its story involves Chroma City being taken over by the INKT Corporation whose dastardly plans include ridding the city of its colour. So, it's up to you (as the Blob) and your pals in the Color Underground to bring colour back to the city and stop the evil Comrade Black and his Inkies once and for all. It may sound like a dire situation but the world of Chroma City is absolutely bursting with life. The cast of kooky blob characters are animated beautifully and they speak in weird gibberish that actually sounds close to what they're saying in English which is something that's extremely charming yet I've never seen it implemented in any other game. Anyway, the music is phenomenal and it changes as you colour the city. Overall, de Blob presents a memorable world complete with superb animation and top-notch audio. v1d30chumz 44-212-99-248

de Blob is played by gliding around the city while absorbing colours from walking receptacles. These are either red, blue, or yellow and you can mix colours to create green, purple, and orange as well as brown if you mix a bit too much. Anyway, you colour the city by merely brushing up against walls and objects which slowly turns the environments from grey and lifeless to vibrant and animated. Trees will come alive, the cute citizens will joyously hop around the streets, and the hordes of enemy soldiers will eventually thin out. When you combine this aspect with the solid 3D platforming, you're left with an addictive formula that'll keep you hooked. Thankfully, there are plenty of missions to take on in every stage and it all adds up to one satisfying and fun-filled campaign.

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The classic matchup of Blob v Blob

Each stage in de Blob is enormous and contains tons of stuff to see and do. Merely going through a stage without aiming to accomplish everything can take well over half an hour which is impressive but that also means that you have to set aside a large chunk of time if you want to make any progress. Also, failure can be devastating considering you have a time limit (although it is rather generous). Even though de Blob requires that much dedication to pass its stages, the bright side is that you can play for hours upon hours and still have tons left to accomplish. Trying to do absolutely everything from rescuing all of the citizens to painting the entire city will take one talented blob. If you ever want a break from the campaign, you can even enjoy a few multiplayer modes that you can play with up to four local players. In the end, de Blob surely isn't lacking when it comes to content.

Besides the overly lengthy stages, de Blob has a couple of other downsides. The first is that the environments and gameplay don't change much throughout the campaign. In other words, the entire city generally looks the same and there aren't any mini-games or additional mechanics to add excitement to the gameplay dynamic. Finally, I found myself regularly getting lost. You really have to read the instructions carefully before every mission and even when you do, you might not understand exactly what to do or where to go. I wish there was a comprehensive map system and compass because I strongly dislike wandering around aimlessly.

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de Blob could not be prouder of his work

It may be almost a decade old but de Blob remains one of the best 3D platformers out there. Whether you played the Wii original or not, this is definitely worth playing for anyone who considers themselves a fan of the genre.

  • + Enjoyable 3D platforming with a nifty colour mechanic and lots of missions
  • + Awesome music and animation
  • + Tons of replay value
  • - Gameplay and environments lack variety
  • - Stages go on for too long
  • - It's very easy to get lost
8.0 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play de Blob
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