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Deformers Review

Roly-poly arena combat

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS4 on

Deformers is also available for Xbox One

Deformers is rated Everyone 10+ by the ESRB

When you see a game that has adorable spherical characters, you probably wouldn't expect them to battle to the death. But, that's what Deformers is all about so pick your favourite chubby chum and get ready to fight!

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I've seen tumbleweed roll around in the desert but never a giant hamster

At its core, Deformers is a very simple game. All you do is roll around floating islands while trying to knock off or splatter your opponents. To do so, you can ram or shoot to attack. When it comes to defending yourself, there are buttons to block and jump which may save you from falling to your death. Finally, being able to unleash power-ups and grab foes are nifty additions. Whenever you're carrying someone around, you can either lob or toss them but you better be quick because they may escape your grasp before you have the opportunity to do any damage. On top of the crazy arena combat, there's also a soccer-style game that's very similar to Rocket League although obviously not as enjoyable. Whether you're competing in an all-out brawl or trying to score goals by ramming a ball into your opponent's net, Deformers surely provides some hectic and enjoyable gameplay. v1d30chumz 18-232-56-9

One of Deformers' best features is its cast of crazy spherical characters. You can play as anything from a bunch of grapes to a stack of pancakes and a bear to a ball of elastics with eyes. My personal favourite is the obese hamster named Hampton. Slap a pair of glasses on her and that's one cute roly-poly rodent! That's right; you can purchase and equip accessories for these oddballs to make some seriously goofy combinations. There are hats, backpacks, wings, and even a selection of sound effects that you can use to taunt your opponents. Before you ask; yes, there is a fart. Anyway, playing matches while earning currency that you can spend on this silly stuff is strangely rewarding. There's nothing quite like making a farting hamburger with a top hat.

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Split-screen may look a bit off but it's still a fun time

Deformers is an online-focused experience with no single player content. On the plus side, you can have local friends join you online in a split-screen setup although you better have a big TV because each player's screen is surprisingly small. Thankfully, playing online is simple. After many different matches, I never had a problem finding people to play with and also didn't get disconnected even once.

Unfortunately, there's a very slim amount of available content. You can play the combat mode with every man for himself or in teams then there's the soccer mode (Form Ball). There are only 8 combat arenas within 3 environments (desert, circus, and mountains) and Form Ball merely has one stadium. This coupled with the fact that the gameplay is incredibly basic makes Deformers become rather repetitive and stale after only an hour or so. If there was more variety then this wouldn't have been as big of an issue.

Another major downside is that there is absolutely no tutorial. If you dig around a bit, you'll find the control layout screen but that doesn't explain any strategies or gameplay basics. Instead, you'll just have to dive in, watch what other players are doing, and try to emulate them. Expecting gamers to do that is ridiculous and would put any Deformers beginner in a bad mood.

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Geez, is the circus in town?

Deformers provides some off-the-wall fun with an oddball cast of kooky characters. However, with such a limited selection of available content, you'll be better off waiting for an updated version to arrive before starting your roly-poly combat career.

  • + Hectic battles can be enjoyable after you learn how to play them
  • + Customizable characters are great
  • + You can play online with local players
  • - No tutorial or any single player content whatsoever
  • - Very few arenas to battle within
  • - Gameplay feels flat after a while
6.2 out of 10
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