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Destruction AllStars Review

Frantic online fun

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS5 on

Destruction AllStars is rated Teen by the ESRB

Playing online multiplayer games can be a fun distraction and Destruction AllStars is here to offer some wacky vehicle-based carnage.

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I always play as the bloke with the box on his head

When I started playing Destruction AllStars, I was very impressed with its presentation which features bright and colourful arenas and a surprisingly large cast of stand-out characters. Considering it's a game that focuses primarily on smashing up vehicles, I wasn't expecting it to have as much personality as it does. In fact, each character comes to life with suitable run animations, victory poses, and such which really adds an appealing layer of spectacle to the equation. Of course, all of this wouldn't add up to much if the gameplay wasn't good so thankfully, smashing into other online players makes for a pretty fun time. However, it's one of those games that's sure to delight at first but once its novelty wears off, you'll likely just play it every now and then instead of it being your next multiplayer game obsession. That being said, your mileage may vary and I can definitely see some players appreciating the chaotic gameplay more than others. v1d30chumz 3-236-138-35

So, what exactly do you do in Destruction AllStars? When each match starts, your goal is to simply run to a vehicle and take control of it. However, your opponents might try to take over your ride by attaching themselves to its roof and after the tug-of-war that ensues, they might decide to destroy or steal your vehicle if they win. This is just one of many mechanics that are thrown into the mix as you'll also unleash character-specific abilities when you're not in a car, summon your character's vehicle, collect crystals, and even run along walls as if you're the Prince of Persia. Whenever you're on foot, you're obviously vulnerable as anyone can run you over so it's best to get to a vehicle right away. Speaking of which, there's a decent variety of vehicles from sports cars to trucks although you'll basically do the same things no matter which one you're driving and once you're about to get destroyed, it's time to eject and get a new ride.

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Hey, that contestant didn't sign for their delivery!

One aspect of Destruction AllStars that's just awesome is that it features 4 very different modes and 3 flashy arenas. The modes incorporate unique rule sets such as the classic free-for-all as well as matches where you must try to not fall off, collect gears by smashing into opponents then blow up your vehicle in a tornado to claim points, and doing the same except depositing the gears at designated bank spots. Although I appreciate this variety a great deal, it must be said that half of these modes don't really cut the mustard like the other 2. Specifically, the Mayhem matches are great for chaotic fun and the Carnado mode offers a solid blend of strategy and action. However, the Stockpile mode falls kind of flat and Gridfall matches will make you scratch your head at times.

As I mentioned earlier, Destruction AllStars' novelty tends to wear off rather fast; well, at least it did for me. I'll certainly still play it whenever I want to have some flashy vehicle-smashing fun but I can't see myself playing it for hours at a time anymore. One facet of its gameplay that contributes to this is the fact that everything is quite discordant and all over the place to the point where I found myself wanting more focused gameplay. For example, if there was a mode that provided simple rules where you're just in a vehicle that respawns whenever you blow up and there were weapons or something but now I'm starting to describe Twisted Metal.

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Even though I'm not that good, I seem to always be on the winning team

Although it features flashy visuals and initially intriguing gameplay, Destruction AllStars begins to get a bit tiresome after a while. It still offers plenty of entertainment but the fun factor doesn't quite have as much longevity as some similar titles do.

  • + Frantic blend of driving, smashing, platforming, cool abilities, and much more
  • + Fantastic sense of personality
  • + The 4 modes offer distinct rule sets
  • - Gameplay's novelty wears off quite quickly
  • - Could use more focused mechanics
  • - Half the modes simply aren't that fun
7.1 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Destruction AllStars
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