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Duck Game Review

This game is a ducking great time

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing an Ouya on

Duck Game is also available for Nintendo Switch and PS4

Duck Game is rated Everyone 10+ by the ESRB

Local multiplayer experiences are plentiful on the Ouya but very few are as fun as Duck Game. Up to 4 players can battle each other as different coloured ducks while wearing cool hats and experimenting with the game's vast variety of weapons and items. Keep in mind before downloading this game that it is multiplayer only. Lonesome ducks need not apply.

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Duck Game screenshot 1
Giving ducks guns is the best idea since giving plumbers mushrooms

The first thing that stands out when you first turn Duck Game on is the incredible retro Sega Genesis style music. The graphics are retro as well and look very sharp. As the ducks battle around each stage the camera will pan and zoom appropriately on the action. No matter how far or close the camera is the graphics still look sharp. The sound effects from weapons are satisfying and fit situations nicely. Grenades explode with a bang, sword fights build tension with clanging of metal, and clicks of reloads ensure players that something's about to go down. You can even make your duck quack which acts as a nice way to taunt your opponents. The sense of humour is great such as when a duck catches fire they run around and eventually turn into a nicely prepared fried meal. v1d30chumz 3-235-186-94

Duck Game consists of battle royal matches where with one hit a duck will perish and the last standing duck at the end of each match wins. Players can select from a wide variety of hats as well and if they wear the same hat as another duck then they will be on the same team. The duck or team of ducks who reach the target number of wins by the end of the game will be declared the overall winners. With no instructions whatsoever almost anyone can understand how to play Duck Game. All the controls you will need to know are mandatory for each player to exit the setup screen and start a match. So, if you manage to make it that far then you know how to play the game. You run around, jump, and pick up weapons to attack with and items to use or equip. Although this is very simple you will discover more advanced moves as you play such as sliding and flapping your wings to descend slower. These extra moves aren't necessary but add some enjoyment for more advanced players.

Duck Game screenshot 2
Taking a break from the duck-on-duck violence to jam with the band

The best part of Duck Game is the variety of weapons and items that generate from certain spots in each stage. These are great fun to pick up and discover their capabilities. Weapons include ranged weapons like guns and lasers, melee weapons like boxing gloves and swords, and traps like land mines and suicide pistols. Some weapons require caution from the wielder such as the flamethrower which literally throws flames haphazardly or the grenade launcher which can bounce grenades off of walls back at the unlucky duck. Some weapons are very unique such as a book that ducks can preach from to convert other ducks to join their team. Items can be as cool as the chest plate which protects you from one hit, or as silly as a tin foil hat which protects you from mind control weapons. Ducks can interact with some stage props including playing the drums and throwing basketballs which are pointless distractions but fun.

There are many randomly ordered pre-built stages to battle within. However, after playing the game for a while the stages start to become a bit repetitive. Although this doesn't detract from the fun much, it would have been nice to see some randomly generated levels or community levels in the mix. This being said, there is a level editor in which players can make their own levels to play in the main game. Although it is simple to create your own levels, it's still time consuming to make a good one that's worth playing. Players can also create their own profiles that are used to track stats and earned trophies. This is a nice feature to have as it adds a feeling of progression to the otherwise hectic fun of Duck Game.

The end of each match is recapped by sports caster John Mallard where he will show a highlight reel and announce the rank of the highlight reel depending on how exciting it is and how well each player performed. Watching the highlight reel and reading John Mallard's post-game summary are great fun and make you want to play another round right after.

Duck Game screenshot 3
End of match summaries are great fun to watch

If you want to play a local multiplayer game with a friend or two or three then there are not many better games than Duck Game. The hectic battle royal matches and great sense of humour will keep any group of gamers entertained for hours.

  • + Some of the best local multiplayer fun to be had for up to 4 players
  • + Many weapons and items to play with
  • + Great music and sense of humour
  • - No single player at all
  • - Levels get repetitive after playing for a while
8.8 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Duck Game
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