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Dungeon Munchies Review

It will leave you hungry

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a Nintendo Switch on 🧟‍♂️

Dungeon Munchies is rated Teen by the ESRB

Some indies have very intriguing premises so does the strange Dungeon Munchies serve up the fun? Let's give it a taste and find out.

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Pro tip: hold both attack buttons down and hope for the best

Dungeon Munchies has you play as a zombie after you wake up in a massive facility and meet the helpful necromancer Simmer who also happens to be a chef. Along the way, you'll meet plenty of quirky NPCs and the dialogue is full of irreverent humour that's a mix of genuinely funny moments and obvious jokes that'll make you roll your eyes. In fact, this unconventional and humorous world is the best part about Dungeon Munchies and it does a great job of pulling you in, especially if you enjoy offbeat adventures as much as I do. v1d30chumz 34-239-154-240

Meanwhile, the graphics aren't anything special as your character is a barely-animated little zombie fellow and the enemies sort of just float around. Some of them look cool such as the memorable boss fights but it's mostly just generic small sprites that occupy the screen. The environments are quite disappointing as there is a lot of empty space and everything basically looks the same. On the plus side, I dug the music and whenever it got into a groove, I nodded along as I played. There are some tense tunes, too, to help elevate the mood.

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Time to fart through the air like a champion

So, how does Dungeon Munchies play? You basically control your guy by running and jumping around and you'll gain extra moves as you progress such as a double-jump, dash, and wall-climb. At the same time, combat is handled with 2 buttons; each one corresponding to an equipped weapon. Needless to say, equipping a couple of distinct weapons so you can maximize your damage against all sorts of foes can be quite satisfying and inflicting status ailments is always a bonus. Keep in mind; holding either attack or jump button makes your character rapidly repeat that action which is kind of weird at first but it actually lends itself well to the frankly clunky gameplay.

Yes, even though Dungeon Munchies presents a unique gameplay formula, it is super-clunky. Your character seems to just float everywhere and he's exceptionally difficult to control while in mid-air which makes platforming a huge pain to deal with. Whenever you need to make a precise jump or carefully scale a wall, you can just forget about doing it perfectly unless you happen to be lucky. Combat can be almost as irritating as the platforming because hitting enemies and getting hit results in virtually no visual or auditory feedback so you kind of just wave your weapons around until either you or your opponent bites the dust which isn't fun or challenging at all.

With all of that in mind, a gratifying element of Dungeon Munchies is its crafting system where you can assemble weapons and cook meals after collecting enough materials as well as the appropriate recipes. The weapons range from melee to long-range and there are even shields, too, and the meals will grant you very specific boosts. The best part of this whole system is configuring a loadout that makes you an unstoppable force which may take some time but it's satisfying nonetheless. On the downside, all you do is slay enemies while pushing forward through the linear campaign with the occasional hidden item which becomes tedious much sooner than you'd hope.

Dungeon Munchies screenshot 3
This dude ain't so tough...

Dungeon Munchies is a clunky and repetitive game that will oddly get its hooks in you once you begin to understand its unconventional gameplay. It's still an irritating experience, though, but one that is somewhat endearing with its off-the-wall humour.

  • + Crafting upgrades and weapons and equipping unique loadouts is rather rewarding
  • + Silly irreverent sense of humour
  • + Music is pretty cool
  • - Controls are absolutely awful, especially when it comes to platforming
  • - Super-repetitive gameplay loop
  • - Environments are mostly blah
4.6 out of 10
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