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Dungeons 3 - Complete Collection Review

Are you a DLC-obsessed Evil?

A.J. Maciejewski

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Dungeons 3 - Complete Collection is also available for Xbox One

Dungeons 3 - Complete Collection is rated Teen by the ESRB

It's been over a couple years since Dungeons 3 released and you can now enjoy all of its DLC in one deliciously Evil package.

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Once upon A Time offers plenty of fairy tale fun

When I think of unique games that I've enjoyed over the past few years, Dungeons 3 usually comes to mind. Playing as the villain while you create elaborate underground dungeons, recruit an army of monsters, and take over heroes' territory on the surface makes for one enjoyable real-time strategy management formula. Plus, the sense of humour is very meta and consistently hilarious. Since I first reviewed it, Dungeons 3 has received many updates and its performance is much better now although it still isn't ideal as you'll encounter many graphical stutters as you play. Anyway, if you'd like to read more about the core experience, head over to my full review. v1d30chumz 3-237-27-159

Dungeons 3 Review

Once upon A Time

This first piece of DLC takes place in Fairyland with the enemy being the Good Fairy. Your goal is to destroy key houses while preventing potions from being delivered to heroes on the overworld which I found to be quite tricky to do at first. Thankfully, that part is optional but failure to do so will make the heroes stronger. I should mention that besides the Clash of Gods expansion, each of these DLC packs includes 3 campaign maps and a few other assorted goodies. Anyway, Once upon A Time is fairly standard yet is redeemed with its silly fairy tale premise as watching Thalya and the narrator being repulsed by the Good Fairy provides plenty of laughs.

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Lord of the Kings turns Dungeons 3's premise on its ear

Evil of the Caribbean

Next, the Evil of the Caribbean add-on plays similarly to Once upon A Time except instead of trying to stop deliveries, you're attempting to ensure that the deliveries complete. Specifically, rum deliveries are made to your ship and rum is good so you don't want those dastardly heroes to catch you stealing their delicious beverage. There are other objectives, too, and you may even battle with a Cthulhu-like monstrosity. It's a solid piece of DLC for sure and I enjoy it a bit more than Once upon A Time.

Lord of the Kings

The Lord of the Kings expansion has a very different and surprising premise as you're tasked with controlling the human King Arcturus after he discovers that his kingdom has been corrupted with Evil forces. However, once you complete his little quest, you'll recruit a gang of warriors to the dark side and make the king's life even more miserable. This switcheroo is fantastic although the first part where you control the king can be a bit tedious but it is worth sticking it out so you can see where the story goes.

Clash of Gods

As I mentioned, Clash of Gods is the only pack that doesn't feature 3 maps. In fact, it has a whopping 8! Here, you'll build outposts complete with cool defensive towers on the overworld while taking down heroes' bases which makes for an interesting tug-of-war style formula. There are also a few additional traps and spells which will help you deal with invaders. Along your journey, you'll face 2 primary adversaries which makes this campaign the most substantial and epic one of the whole collection. When this expansion first released, an online co-op mode became available, too, so you're looking at a ton of Evil fun to be had in addition to an already excellent game.

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Clash of Gods has a pretty innovative premise

An Unexpected DLC

Considering Clash of Gods is about becoming the ultimate Evil and defeating the Goddess of Light, where the heck do you go from there? Well, that must be why An Unexpected DLC is called that. In this campaign, you must fight the Queen of the Forest and her tree-based Rootling minions as she tries to protect the remaining heroes. Overall, I enjoyed this DLC the most as it's densely-packed, challenging, and offers a cohesive theme. For example, having enemy vines spring up from the ground as you traverse the overworld map is exciting although it can be kind of frustrating, especially when you don't expect it. Piecing together the Runes is quite satisfying, though.

Famous Last Words

As the final piece of story-driven DLC, Famous Last Words offers a strange and challenging campaign. You begin it being overpowered with nearly everything unlocked and readily available. After conquering the last shred of good in the world, Thalya becomes bored so the narrator and her begin to fight and an epic battle ensues. At first, this caught me by surprise but after retrying and being more prepared, I was impressed with how difficult the narrator is to defeat. In the end, this pack acts as a fun quirky conclusion and I enjoyed it.

A Multitude of Maps

Finally, there's the A Multitude of Maps expansion which features 3 new maps that you can play skirmishes on: Corpses for the Mortuary Mountain, The Summoning Stones, and Re-burying the Golem. They each feature unique goals and are fun to play through but there is no substantial story to watch unfold here. Overall, if you've completed everything else then these maps are cool extras to master.

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An Unexpected DLC is my favourite of the whole lot

Dungeons 3 is simply one of the most underrated games in recent years and now that you can enjoy dozens of hours of bonus content via this Complete Collection, I highly recommend it to any real-time strategy fan, especially those with a dark sense of humour.

  • + Awesome blend of real-time strategy gameplay and dungeon management
  • + Each piece of DLC is unique and fun
  • + Great humour-filled stories
  • - Difficulty spikes and unexpected situations can be frustrating to deal with
  • - Still has some performance issues
8.2 out of 10
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