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Enter the Gungeon Physical Edition Review

Bullets shouldn't be this cute

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a Nintendo Switch on

Enter the Gungeon Physical Edition is rated Teen by the ESRB

3 years after its initial release, Enter the Gungeon now has a fancy Switch physical edition so lock and load and let's check it out.

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Here's the whole kit and caboodle!

The game

Enter the Gungeon is a twin-stick roguelike that involves shooting and dodging your way through procedurally generated dungeons while fighting loads of different enemies and bosses. It's a supremely tight and challenging shooter that's as fun to play today as it was back in 2016. This latest release is the complete package including the core game, all of its DLC and updates, and some very cool physical extras. Considering I've reviewed it when it first debuted, please read my full review of the vanilla version if you'd like more information regarding what the core game is all about. In this review, I'll describe what's been changed and added as well as the physical goodies that you get along with your purchase. But enough blabbing, let's get shooting already! v1d30chumz 3-237-27-159

Enter the Gungeon Review

Physical extras

For starters, the Enter the Gungeon game case features a reversible cover that has a minimalist exterior and pretty cool interior art featuring a Viking Bullet Kin. However, the interior is quite dark so I prefer the default art on the outside of the case. Next, you get a Bullet Kin papercraft that looks awesome once you put it together which takes about 5 minutes. I actually had a bit of difficulty sliding the paper connectors into their slots so I had to cut a few pieces with scissors but it looks great now. Finally, there's a sticker sheet with 4 decent-sized stickers on it and a download code for the Enter the Gungeon soundtrack by Doseone. Needless to say, if you're a fan or want to finally dive into Enter the Gungeon, this physical edition will make a top-notch addition to your game collection.

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Guns don't kill people, bullets kill people

Updates and DLC

Since I first reviewed Enter the Gungeon, there have been loads of updates so allow me to discuss the substantial ones. For starters, many quality of life enhancements were implemented such as improved balancing, drop rates, and cooldown reduction. Plus, you'll now automatically collect certain items when exiting a room, accessing secret floors is easier, you can slide over tables and even pet the dog, and there's now a save and quit option after each floor. There are also new guns including the Poxcannon as well as tons of new content via the Supply Drop update which includes 33 new items and guns, additional enemies such as Keybullet Kin and a boss known as Mine Flayer, "past" chapters and costumes for the secret characters, and a Challenge Mode. Phew; I'm just getting started!

Next up, the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns update features even more guns, items, enemies, and bosses as well as special item combos known as synergies and a new Turbo Mode for extra challenge. Finally, the A Farewell to Arms update includes more content such as 2 new characters, a new secret floor complete with a unique set of enemies and boss, and Rainbow Run mode which awards random items as you progress. Last but not least, this physical edition grants you access to the rare Shotgun Kin skin.

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Gatling Gull is a few chromosomes away from Vulcan Raven

Enter the Gungeon was a super-fun game back in 2016 and now, it's even better. So, if you still haven't played it and you have a fondness for roguelike twin-stick shooters, picking up a copy of this delightful package is a must.

  • + Same great challenging twin-stick roguelike formula that's still a blast to play
  • + Fantastic physical extras
  • + Includes lots of improvements
  • - Impatient and less skilled gamers don't have many options to ease the frustration
  • - Problems from the original game remain
8.1 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Enter the Gungeon Physical Edition
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