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Evercade Indie Heroes Collection 1 Review

14 more modern retro games

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a Evercade on

There's a growing scene of indie devs making games for retro consoles and this Evercade compilation contains 14 nifty old-school titles.

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Evercade Indie Heroes Collection 1 screenshot 1
Time to make bat kebabs in Anguna: Warriors of Virtue

Indie adventures

First up, Indie Heroes Collection 1 contains 4 cool adventure-style games. Anguna: Warriors of Virtue is an overhead dungeon crawler that feels like the original Legend of Zelda except it's one big maze-like dungeon that's filled with secrets. It's okay but combat is quite frustrating since your reach is so short. Speaking of Zelda, Kubo 3 plays like The Adventure of Link although I found the lack of direction kind of perplexing and the fact that you can't move at 45° angles in the overworld makes it feel clunky. Meanwhile, Deadeus is an impressively immersive horror game with multiple endings and a strong sense of atmosphere. I like it. However, I find the best adventure game to be Quest Arrest which is like Pokémon except you try to arrest criminals instead of capture monsters. It's great stuff! 👮 v1d30chumz 3-236-65-63

List of games in Indie Heroes Collection 1

  • Alien Cat 2 ²
  • Anguna: Warriors of Virtue *
  • Chain Break ³
  • Deadeus ³
  • Debtor ²
  • Doodle World ¹
  • Flea! ¹
  • FoxyLand ²
  • Kubo 3 ¹
  • Ploid ¹
  • Quest Arrest ³
  • Super Homebrew War ¹
  • Twin Dragons ¹
  • Uchusen: Ultimate Ploid Battle ¹

¹ NES │ ² Genesis │ ³ Game Boy │ * Game Boy Advance

Miscellaneous fun

I'm happy that Indie Heroes Collection 1 includes a few unconventional games, too. Let's start with Alien Cat 2 which is a puzzle game where you move a cat in order to collect pieces of their ship and sometimes, you'll control multiple cats simultaneously which makes for some clever puzzle-like stages. Chain Break is kind of cool although it's very similar to Namco's Metro-Cross which is actually more fun so it kind of feels superfluous. Anyway, Uchusen: Ultimate Ploid Battle is a simple and challenging shoot 'em up where you see how far you can survive. It's super-basic and feels like it belongs on something like Action 52. Lastly, Super Homebrew War is a kind of battle royale arena fighter where you can play as some of the characters that star in this collection's games. It's simple yet would be fun with friends.

Evercade Indie Heroes Collection 1 screenshot 2
FoxyLand sure is bright and colourful, isn't it?

2D action

Finally, here are a bunch of 2D action titles. My favourite one is Flea! which has you play as an automatically-jumping flea whose job it is to collect blood which converts to lives. You mash a button to lower your jump and the stages get quite challenging with loads of spikes; it's a wonderful indie game. Doodle World is a good-looking albeit basic platformer that's cute and fun but it does have some odd glitches such as being unable to grab certain collectibles and spawning too quickly in the bonus area which can make you fall out before you know what's going on. Debtor is an interesting puzzle-platformer but I didn't like how it forces you to keep restarting levels as you figure out the solution piece-by-piece which gets tedious fast. I wish it allowed you to view a map to make things easier to work out. 🗺️

On the simple side of things, FoxyLand is a basic 2D platformer that's easy-breezy, adorable, and intuitive. I enjoyed it a lot, especially trying to collect all of the cherries. Ploid is a game that I actually played already on Switch and it's an average 2D platformer with some very tricky scenarios. If you like it, try out Ploid Saga for Switch; it's 3-games-in-1! Last but certainly not least, Twin Dragons is a super-charming 8-bit title that feels like I would have loved it as a kid. Well, I actually love it now as it brought me back to the classic NES days with its cute sprites and tight gameplay where you control a fireball-breathing dragon as you jump around intricate stages. 😊

Evercade Indie Heroes Collection 1 screenshot 3
It may look simple but Flea! is the most fun game here

Indie Heroes Collection 1 makes for quite an endearing package with a lot of nifty 2D action games as well as some unexpectedly stand-out titles, too. It could use more variety and not all of the games are entertaining but it's still a must-have cartridge nonetheless.

  • + Plenty of cool 2D action games that range from laidback to challenging
  • + A couple interesting adventure games
  • + Some clever unconventional titles
  • - Plenty of moments that are rough around the edges including some odd glitches
  • - A few games aren't all that enjoyable
  • - Could use more variety
7.4 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Evercade Indie Heroes Collection 1
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