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Evercade Interplay Collection 1 Review

Not so groovy

A.J. Maciejewski

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Interplay made their mark on the gaming scene with plenty of cartoon-quality titles so here are 6 games from their library via Evercade.

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At least Earthworm Jim tastes good if you're a crow

2D platformers

The Interplay Collection 1 compilation for Evercade only features 6 games and half of them are 2D platformers. First, we have Earthworm Jim which is perhaps Interplay's most renowned game. The only memories that I have playing it back in the day is when my friend and I played it at his house because I never owned it myself. I remember being impressed with its animations and sprites which really pop off the screen although the game itself wasn't as enjoyable as many other similar titles so I wasn't all that jealous that my friend had it and I didn't. Looking back at it now, Earthworm Jim seems like one of those spectacle games that was fun to show off to people but its unfair and frustrating difficulty, awkwardly laid-out stages, and repetitive sense of humour definitely haven't stood the test of time. Don't get me wrong; I'm glad that Earthworm Jim is included and if you have fond memories of it then you'll be happy to play it yet again. v1d30chumz 100-24-118-144

List of games in Interplay Collection 1

  • Battle Chess ¹
  • Boogerman ³
  • ClayFighter ³
  • Earthworm Jim ²
  • Incantation ³
  • Titan ¹

¹ NES │ ² Genesis │ ³ Super Nintendo

Speaking of silly 2D platformers, Boogerman is here, too, and although it's quite gross, I imagine that kids would get a kick out of it with all of its farts, burps, and booger-flicking. It's not as good of a game as Earthworm Jim but it certainly has some value in its absurd over-the-top gross-out humour. Finally, there's Incantation which has you cast spells as you run and jump around stages. It may be a middle-of-the-road 16-bit 2D platformer but to be honest, I had the most fun with it out of the 3 featured platformers which surprised me, especially considering that I've never heard of it previously. Thanks, Evercade, for introducing me to yet another hidden gem!

Evercade Interplay Collection 1 screenshot 2
ClayFighter looks cool but it's just not that fun

The rest

The other 3 included games are a hodgepodge of oddities starting with ClayFighter. I remember seeing it advertised extensively in my gaming magazines when I was a kid yet I never felt compelled to play it because it just looked like a novelty fighter without any substance. Now that I finally gave it a go, I must say that my younger self was correct. To be fair, it is pretty funny and pulling off some of the combos can be quite satisfying but it's not nearly as enjoyable as the classic Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat games.

Next, Battle Chess is a basic chess game except with impressive animations that add a welcome sense of reward to the familiar formula. That being said, these animations can take a long time to complete so you'll likely end up becoming impatient between moves as your pieces slowly walk into position. Finally, there's Titan which is a sort of Breakout-style game where you control a weird square thing while trying to hit a ball into breakable tiles. However, instead of hitting bricks at the top of a playfield, the ball bounces around large scrolling levels. Therefore, it's quite a tedious game and to make things worse, the scrolling is very choppy which can make you nauseous.

Evercade Interplay Collection 1 screenshot 3
Incantation lets you light enemies on fire and that's pretty cool

Although Interplay Collection 1 has promise, it's hard to recommend this compilation unless you have fond memories of some of the featured games. If you don't then you'll probably find it difficult to thoroughly enjoy anything here.

  • + It's not for everyone but Earthworm Jim is a welcome inclusion for fans
  • + Incantation is a fairly fun game
  • + Boogerman can be funny for kids
  • - Earthworm Jim can feel unfair at times with cheap deaths and confusing levels
  • - Battle Chess and Titan aren't fun
  • - ClayFighter hasn't held up well
5.0 out of 10
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