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Evercade Namco Museum Collection 2 Review

An impressive retro compilation

A.J. Maciejewski

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After enjoying 11 delightful Namco console games on Evercade, here's another lovely collection that's surprisingly even more fun.

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Burning Force is like Space Harrier on an airbike

Namco classics

Namco Museum Collection 2 actually doesn't contain many classic titles which is cool because most of the included games are more obscure with some very fun buried treasures sprinkled in. When it comes to classics, first we have Dig Dug II which is an underrated sequel that has you demolish islands piece-by-piece while avoiding enemies and trying not to trap yourself. I like it a lot. Next, Galaga is a solid port of the arcade version that makes for simple old-school static shooting fun. Although not everyone will enjoy it, I find The Tower of Druaga to be a refreshing change of pace as you try to master procedurally generated floors as efficiently as possible while slaying monsters and collecting items as the noble knight Gilgamesh. Finally, there's Pac-Attack which is a puzzle game spin-off that's fairly enjoyable but nothing to write home about. I actually wrote a full review for that one back in 2015 so check it out. v1d30chumz 3-237-29-69

Pac-Attack Review

List of games in Namco Museum Collection 2

  • Burning Force ²
  • Dig Dug II ¹
  • Dragon Spirit: The New Legend ¹
  • Galaga ¹
  • Pac-Attack ³
  • Phelios ²
  • Splatterhouse 2 ²
  • Splatterhouse 3 ²
  • The Tower of Druaga ¹
  • Warpman ¹
  • Weaponlord ³

¹ NES │ ² Genesis │ ³ Super Nintendo


Perhaps the coolest inclusions for Namco Museum Collection 2 on Evercade are the 2 Sega Genesis Splatterhouse sequels. For the unfamiliar, you play as a fellow named Rick who brutally annihilates monsters while progressing through stages. Splatterhouse 2 offers a familiar gameplay setup to the original game and it's a lot of fun to utilize found weapons and take down its gross bosses. However, Splatterhouse 3 really elevates the gameplay to new heights by featuring exploration-based stages where you decide which room to visit next and there's a power-up meter that allows you to temporarily transform into a much stronger version of yourself.

These sequels are a ton of fun but if you want to play the original 1988 arcade version of Splatterhouse, check out Namco Museum for Switch. Also, the silly NES spin-off Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti can be enjoyed on Namco Museum Archives Vol 1. Yay! 😊

Evercade Namco Museum Collection 2 screenshot 2
Fun fact: Pac-Attack is a reskinned version of Cosmo Gang the Puzzle

Shoot 'em ups

A couple of my favourite included games are Dragon Spirit: The New Legend and Phelios. For starters, Dragon Spirit: The New Legend is not a mere port of the arcade version as it feels like a new experience although it features many similarities. Controlling a powerful dragon is a blast and the fact that the story unravels between stages is a nice touch. It's one of the best shmups on NES. Speaking of which, Phelios is an excellent shoot 'em up and I still own the cartridge for Sega Genesis. You play as Apollo who shoots enemies within its ancient Greek setting while riding the flying horse Pegasus. Its power-ups and charged shots are super-satisfying and I like it a lot.

Hidden gems

Last but not least, Namco Museum Collection 2 features a few hidden gems. First up, Burning Force plays a lot like Sega's Space Harrier although you only move left and right instead of being able to fly around; except during boss fights. It's a pretty fun little game but nothing amazing. Next, Warpman is an enhanced iteration of a 1981 arcade game where you shoot at aliens while moving your character around 2D arenas. It's simple stuff but fun nonetheless. Finally, Weaponlord is a 1-on-1 fighting game that I actually haven't heard of before but it's great. I mean; I got my ass kicked because it's a super-tough game but there is a lot of skill involved with its innovative blocking and parrying moves that can allow you to perform devastating counterattacks; definitely an awesome 16-bit fighter! ⚔️

Evercade Namco Museum Collection 2 screenshot 3
Beat 'em ups don't get much better than Splatterhouse 3

Out of all the Evercade cartridges that I've played so far, Namco Museum Collection 2 is certainly in the top tier with its combination of classic games and eclectic hidden gems which in the end, provide a varied and fun-filled library.

  • + Contains a couple of awesome shoot 'em ups and enjoyable NES adaptations
  • + The Splatterhouse games are great fun
  • + Weaponlord is a fighting game gem
  • - Most console games that have arcade counterparts are inferior
  • - A few of the included games are passable yet don't offer anything special
7.8 out of 10
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