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Evercade Piko Interactive Collection 2 Review

Are you ready for some football?

A.J. Maciejewski

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Retro sports games may not be the most sought-after genre yet here's a compilation of 13 old-school games for all the jocks out there.

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Fun fact: Football Madness is Evercade's first PlayStation game


First of all, here are 4 racing games. For some reason, I actually enjoy Eliminator Boat Duel the most despite it being the only NES game in Piko Interactive Collection 2. The races are just so challenging and intense, especially when you factor in the change of perspective and highly competitive 1-on-1 races. Meanwhile, Full Throttle: All-American Racing is a generic motorcycle racer with light combat that feels like a less visceral Road Rash. Speaking of generic, Racing Fever is an overhead racer with a camera that's far too zoomed-in thus making its gameplay more annoying than it should be. Thankfully, Top Racer 2 (AKA Top Gear 2) is an excellent classic racing game that has held up impressively well. Unfortunately, it currently has a major bug where pressing the boost button makes you boost for the entire race. v1d30chumz 3-236-138-35

List of games in Piko Interactive Collection 2

  • Beastball ²
  • Eliminator Boat Duel ¹
  • Football Madness *
  • Full Throttle: All-American Racing ³
  • Hoops Shut Up and Jam ²
  • Hoops Shut Up and Jam 2 ²
  • Power Football ²
  • Racing Fever ^
  • Soccer Kid ³
  • Summer Challenge ²
  • Top Racer 2 ³
  • Winter Challenge ²
  • World Trophy Soccer ²

¹ NES │ ² Genesis │ ³ Super Nintendo │ * PlayStation │ ^ Game Boy Advance


To be honest, I don't know anything about American Football so these couple of games kind of went over my head. This is especially the case with Power Football with its awful camera. I had no idea what was going on as I played and every 1 or 2 seconds, it would stop and prompt me to issue strategies. On the plus side, Beastball (AKA Brutal Sports Football) provides plenty of over-the-top entertainment. It's not the best game but the spectacle of seeing the field get ripped up as you fight over the ball makes for quite the thrill.

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I thought Charles Barkley was supposed to be in this game


Now, Soccer's a sport that anyone can follow! World Trophy Soccer is the weakest of the bunch with its standard gameplay and boring presentation and it's super-tough, too, so if you want a challenge then beating the AI will be an achievement. Anyway, Football Madness is a PS1 game and it's okay. I enjoy the flashy effects which make performing actions rather satisfying. Finally, we have Soccer Kid which is a 2D platformer. Although its premise of having to dribble and kick a ball into enemies is clever, it can be incredibly irritating to play, especially when you lose your ball and have to run around looking for it while avoiding annoying enemies. What a bummer.


Piko Interactive Collection 2 includes 2 basketball games in the form of Hoops Shut Up and Jam and its sequel Hoops Shut Up and Jam 2 which were originally titled Barkley Shut Up and Jam. Both of these games are quite fast-paced which I appreciated yet their gameplay is kind of loosey-goosey which makes trying to master them an exercise in randomness; surely not the greatest retro basketball games.


Finally, here are a couple of Olympics-style compilations with Summer Challenge and Winter Challenge. Now, I absolutely love old-school Olympics games such as Track & Field for NES but these 2 games are probably the worst that I've ever played. Not only are most of their sports nearly unplayable either due to clunky controls or lack of instruction, the graphics are ugly with choppy animations and haphazard UI. They tried to make it look realistic yet the old pixelated 8-bit games are much more fun to play than these Genesis titles.

Evercade Piko Interactive Collection 2 screenshot 3
I have Racing Fever; how about you?

Even if you love old-school sports games, there's no denying that most of the games within Piko Interactive Collection 2 haven't held up well at all. That being said, there are a handful of fun titles that make this Evercade cartridge worth owning for collectors.

  • + Includes a wide variety of sports titles
  • + 2 of the racing games can be quite fun
  • + Some games are impressively challenging
  • - If you don't enjoy sports games, the majority of this collection will go unplayed
  • - Most of the games are poor quality
  • - Top Racer 2 has a weird glitch
5.6 out of 10
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