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Everybody's Golf VR Review

Hot Shots Golf has come a long way

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS4 with PSVR on

Everybody's Golf VR is rated Everyone by the ESRB

Clap Hanz has a long history of creating supremely enjoyable golf games so let's hit the links with their first virtual reality offering.

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Thankfully, there's plenty of onscreen information to help you make the perfect shot

Everybody's Golf VR is a simple yet highly enjoyable virtual reality adaptation of the iconic PlayStation exclusive golf series. For starters, it's played via motion controls either with the DualShock 4 or a PlayStation Move controller. After some experimentation, I decided to stick with the DualShock 4 because I enjoyed holding it horizontally to line up my shots better although this did take a bit of realism out of the equation. Anyway, being able to whack the ball effectively requires some practice but once you get the hang of it; is it ever fun! v1d30chumz 100-24-118-144

When you first start playing, you'll likely listen to your caddy, analyze the situation for yourself, use the suggested club, etc. However, I found myself slowly getting a feel for how everything works so I eventually started playing for myself and what do you know? I ended up being quite the pro golfer! I actually completed an 18 hole course with a total score of 12 under par, made a hole in one, and high fived Happy Gilmore. Okay, that last part was just a weird dream that I had once. In the end, it's satisfying stuff for sure.

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Wait, why am I playing a weird dating sim all of a sudden?

Everybody's Golf VR features a solid amount of content yet I wouldn't consider it extensive. For starters, you'll eventually unlock a total of 3 18-hole courses featuring Forest, Seaside, and Dinosaur themes. The latter of which has dinosaurs roaming around in the background which is pretty fun to see. Anyway, you can choose to play 3 random holes, the first 9 holes, the last 9 holes, or all 18 holes as well as select regular or long tee for a bit more challenge and normal or tornado cup which has a tornado guide the ball into the hole if it's close enough. On top of all this, you'll unlock mirror mode and you can visit a practice range if you want to get to grips with the controls.

There is a wide selection of more superficial unlockables as well. As you play, you'll gain access to 4 sets of clubs that change up the gameplay slightly and 4 caddies with unique personalities. Speaking of which, you can also acquire new costumes and colour swaps for the caddies so if you want to dress up some goofy characters then there you go. Every once in a while, you'll watch an awkward cutscene which stars your caddy of choice that you can access from then on in the event library. Finally, a couple of more notable additions are the extensive statistics that are collected and the online leaderboards which are filled with players who are much better than I am.

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Romantic? Angelic beauty? This golfing establishment is starting to feel a little fishy...

Everybody's Golf VR looks fantastic with its delightfully animated caddies and receptionist as well as the colourful courses that really come to life, especially when it's windy. One visual aspect that I enjoyed more than I thought I would is the replay feature. Being able to see a nice shot at various angles in VR is pretty awesome. All of that being said, the caddies can be rather weird and annoying. For example, the short events that star them seem like they're set up just for you to ogle them which I found to be super-awkward. They also chat way too much when you're playing. Sure, they give tips that fit your current situation but I wish they were mimes instead.

Finally, I should discuss the fact that Everybody's Golf VR lacks any multiplayer component which is disappointing. Heck, I would have even appreciated a mode where you pass the VR headset between players. What makes the lack of multiplayer even worse is the fact that you can exhaust everything that the collection of content has to offer within a dozen or so hours if you play all of the worthwhile variations. Even if you were to do that, I'm sure it would get quite repetitive once you're only halfway there. As a result, it's a great game to play in short bursts as opposed to lengthy gaming sessions because you wouldn't want to get burned out playing it.

Everybody's Golf VR screenshot 4
Yes! My very first hole-in-one!

If the idea of a rewarding and delightful game of golf in a virtual reality world sounds appealing to you then you'll love your time with Everybody's Golf VR. I just wish that the courses allowed more than 1 person to play at a time.

  • + Rewarding motion controlled golf gameplay
  • + Lots of extras to gradually unlock
  • + The environments and characters really pop in VR and replays look especially cool
  • - Lacks any multiplayer component
  • - Could generally use more content
  • - The caddies can be weird and annoying
7.7 out of 10
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