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Fight Crab Review

Giant enemy crabs: the game

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a Nintendo Switch on

Fight Crab is rated Teen by the ESRB

Every now and then, a truly original game garners gamers' attention and Fight Crab is one fighter that you surely don't want to miss.

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Fight Crab screenshot 1
Who knew crab fighting could be so much fun and also have such an awesome soundtrack?

When you first look at Fight Crab, you'll probably assume that it's one of those quirky and intentionally difficult to control games like Human Fall Flat. However, it's much more about precision and strategy than it is about fumbling around with the controls. In fact, the controls are actually quite intuitive and responsive which makes combat all the more engaging. Anyway, in case you haven't figured it out yet, Fight Crab is a fighting game where crabs and the occasional lobster duke it out. You control your sea creature by using the analogue sticks to move each claw while the shoulder buttons allow you to either punch or pinch with each claw. Pinching can hurt your opponent as well as block incoming attacks so using it wisely is a key component to success. As you fight, combatants will become more instable as they take damage which is a lot like Super Smash Bros. and whoever flips over first for a few seconds in a row loses. v1d30chumz 44-212-99-248

This fighting dynamic is actually rather brilliant as it makes matches tense, exciting, and challenging. When you consider the fact that you can pick up objects and weapons, move to dodge attacks, and use the environment to your advantage, you're looking at an inherently silly game that manages to accomplish depth in its fighting gameplay that few modern fighters dare to. Plus, the fact that you can play through an extensive solo campaign as well as challenge other players via local and online multiplayer with the former allowing for local wireless matches with multiple Switch consoles means that Fight Crab is one fully-featured and highly enjoyable fighting game.

Fight Crab screenshot 2
I'm going to make Crabby Patties out of you!

When it comes to presentation, Fight Crab looks and sounds fantastic. Sure, it doesn't have realistic visuals but the way that the crabs move illustrates how enormous they are and this level of animation makes the matches have much more weight to them. I also enjoyed the stage designs which range from a medieval castle to a kids' playroom and a dinner table to a desert. As I mentioned previously, you can use your environment to gain an upper-hand so doing things like pinning your foe against a building and punching them like crazy just feels awesome. On top of all this, you're accompanied with an excellent soundtrack which features tunes that range from breezy vocal pop to epic ska arrangements. I own the soundtrack on CD and will gladly listen to it from time to time. It's great stuff!

Although Fight Crab is an unconventional and exciting game, its gameplay starts to feel samey after its initial novelty wears off. With that being said, the combat still remains fun and challenging yet it starts to lack freshness after playing it for a few hours. Therefore, it's the sort of game that gradually becomes fun to pick up and play every once in a while. On a similar note, I wish there were a larger variety of modes besides single player and multiplayer matches. Considering the premise is so off-the-wall, I would have loved to see mini-games and possibly some sort of party mode. Finally, although I love the gameplay, some moves are kind of annoying to pull off. For example, trying to pick up objects requires you to be in the correct position and sometimes, I just couldn't figure it out in time.

Fight Crab screenshot 3
Warning: please don't give rockets to an actual lobster

If you're the kind of gamer who embraces unconventional and entertaining games that slide underneath most gamers' radars as they remain mesmerized by all of the recycled AAA schlock out there then you should definitely play Fight Crab. Don't make me pinch you!

  • + Impressively deep fighting mechanics that make each match tense and exciting
  • + Excellent animations and awesome music
  • + Fun multiplayer and great stage designs
  • - Gameplay starts to feel a bit samey after the novelty wears off
  • - Could use more variety of modes
  • - Some actions are annoying to perform
7.7 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Fight Crab
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