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Flipping Death Review

Scythe it to The Man!

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing an Xbox One on

Flipping Death is also available for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Flipping Death is rated Teen by the ESRB

Being dead isn't all that bad when Death itself grants you the power to possess the living. Flipping Death is certainly a unique and innovative adventure so put on your goth makeup and get ready for a crazy time!

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I guess I'll have to possess that bird and see what happens!

Flipping Death tells the story of Penny, a young woman who loves Halloween and all things horror. Spoilers: she dies. Don't worry; it's within the first scene of the story but it's not how you would expect so at least you can look forward to that! Anyway, upon biting the dust, Death assumes that she must be a temp so she receives a Scythe and a cool new cloak that allow her to possess the living whether they're human or not. The gameplay involves traversing somewhat expansive 2D stages and possessing folks in order to control them. Doing so requires collectible spirits that come in 3 varieties. Once you possess someone or something, the whole stage flips and you're now in someone else's head. Figuring out what they're capable of while reorienting yourself within the stage is great fun, especially when you make progress by performing a humorous action that really gets the ball rolling. v1d30chumz 3-237-29-69

The controls in Flipping Death are similar to your average 2D platformer as you run and jump around. There's little else to remember control-wise as the other actions primarily consist of warping with the scythe, interacting, and possessing. Where the gameplay shines brightest is in its elaborate stages where you solve clever situations in order to progress through that stage's storyline or accomplish optional challenge missions. For example, you might use someone's tongue to lick up paint so you can change a boat's colour or have a sea creature blow air up at a character to move her to a point of interest. It's all very intricate and enjoyable stuff and the optional challenges are super-fun to figure out so there is a solid amount of replay value besides just working through the main storylines.

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Where's the fire, chief?

As you can already tell, the sense of humour in Flipping Death is both dark and silly. It's the kind of game that'll definitely at least make you crack a smile as you play and some parts will even have you laughing out loud. To allow the humour to land as well as it does, the voice cast is superb and each actor portrays their character in a way that brings out their often quirky personalities. If Flipping Death was just text-based and didn't have such a talented cast of actors then it definitely wouldn't be as funny as it is.

Although Flipping Death sounds awesome so far, it does have a few less than ideal qualities. As with most games in this genre, you will come to points where you have absolutely no idea what to do to advance the story. Thankfully, there are hints that you can look at but they're just pictures. One was of a guy hitting a bowling ball with a tennis racket and I didn't realise that the doctor's office had a rack of bowling balls in it. So, if you don't pay attention then you may miss a small detail and get frustrated as a result.

Finally, there is 2D platformer gameplay but there aren't any significantly challenging platforming segments. Sometimes, you have to lead creatures to certain spots or collect a bunch of stuff in time but it's all very easy and simple stuff. I know it's primarily an adventure game but why put in platformer elements and not have any challenge whatsoever? That leads me to my next point; once you beat each stage (which takes about 5 hours) and complete the optional challenges, there really isn't anything else to do.

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Great advice, Einstein...

Flipping Death is an innovative and enjoyable game on many levels. Its intricate stages, fantastic sense of humour, and ridiculous scenarios make it a must-have game for anyone who enjoys these kinds of interactive experiences.

  • + Satisfying intricate stages with loads of clever scenarios to solve
  • + Awesome humour and voice acting
  • + Lots of rewarding optional challenges
  • - Even with hints, figuring out what to do is sometimes very frustrating
  • - No replay value once you master each stage
  • - Could use challenging platform segments
7.8 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Flipping Death
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