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Fueled Up Review

Why don't they just build the space ships more gooder?

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS4 on 🚀

Fueled Up is also available for Xbox One

Fueled Up is rated Everyone by the ESRB

When it comes to co-op games, the more frantic, the better and with that in mind, here's the super-fun and over-the-top Fueled Up.

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Why did they install that steam room anyway?

Co-op ship rescue

Fueled Up is all about rescuing broken down space ships from the depths of the unknown with an ever-looming evil space octopus ready to snatch these delectable vessels. Up to 4 players can cooperate either locally or online and the gameplay ties in perfectly with its premise. Essentially, you provide fuel for a ship's engine(s) by running around it, picking up crystals, refining them, and dropping off the resulting fuel at an engine. Meanwhile, many hazards will try to get in your way and on top of that, the ship becomes damaged with debris so you'll have to furiously tap the fix button to patch things up. It all comes together to make for one fast-paced frenzy. v1d30chumz 44-210-77-106

Quirky fun

With its premise already established, I'm happy to say that Fueled Up has plenty of silly humour that makes it a joy to play. For starters, your character of choice can be any one of a collection of goofballs from a balloon to a cat and these silly chums contrast perfectly with the stressful gameplay. What's a grumpy banana doing fixing a ship anyway? Meanwhile, there are plenty of in-game events that'll make you crack a smile such as a friendly space squid that hugs your ship without realising that it's now blocking a path as well as ship layouts that'll make you wonder, "Who the heck would design something this inherently flawed in the first place?" 🤯

Fueled Up screenshot 2
Space squids may be friendly but they sure are annoying

Alien eggs and space squids

As I mentioned, there are a lot of hazards and mechanics that get thrown your way as you play Fueled Up. Heck, even the first level will take a few tries to master as you come to grips with the gameplay. From then on, you'll have to throw alien egg asteroids in a grinder before they explode, replace batteries so hatches don't open, step on switches that toggle certain doors, deal with a sliding fuel extractor, teleport, patch leaky pipes, and hack in to redirect the ship's flight path. There's so much to do that it'll make your head spin and as you juggle all of these tasks with your teammates, the stressful music that plays creates the perfect atmosphere for the frantic fun that unfolds. With that in mind, the instructions are frequently too barebones and force you to figure things out on your own. 📖

Optional challenges

Of course, simply completing Fueled Up's levels isn't good enough for those looking for a true challenge so thankfully, you can try to achieve 3 stars on every level as well as complete a couple of optional missions. However, these missions are downright brutal and will have you try to accomplish tasks that go against what that level presents to a degree that some of them are nearly impossible to achieve. On the other side of the equation, I found that getting 3 stars is far too easy so I'd argue that Fueled Up is rather imbalanced when it comes to perfecting its levels. It's still awesome that there's always more to strive for, though, even if it can feel unfair at times.

Fueled Up screenshot 3
Okay, who had the burrito bowl for lunch?

Fueled Up is one of the best co-op games that I've ever played thanks to its high-pressure gameplay which is so stressful that it's hilarious. Throw in oodles of variety and a bunch of oddball characters and you're left with one great ship-fixing adventure.

  • + Top-notch co-op gameplay with a frantic sense of imminent danger
  • + Incredible amount of variety
  • + Quirky characters and fun stages
  • - Most of the challenges are downright brutal yet getting 3 stars isn't all that difficult
  • - Instructions could be more specific
8.0 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Fueled Up
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