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Full Mojo Rampage Review

Twin stick Voodoo

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS4 on

Full Mojo Rampage is also available for Xbox One

Full Mojo Rampage is rated Teen by the ESRB

Roguelikes that play like twin stick shooters are nothing new but they sure are fun when done right. Thankfully, Full Mojo Rampage will cast its Voodoo spell on you while you play it so may the rampage begin!

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What's tougher than a Wormling? Two Wormlings, of course...

Full Mojo Rampage is played by controlling a little fellow with an interchangeable mask. You use one stick to move and another to shoot which is standard yet an in-depth inventory system will keep you coming back for more. As you play, you'll acquire many items that you can equip, redeem for goodies, or use to gain an advantage over your enemies. At first, I treated playing Full Mojo Rampage as I did with any other roguelike shooter and I found myself dying constantly. However, after understanding the power that lies in most items, I finally got how to overcome the plentiful enemy hordes. Additionally, you gain experience the more you play that you can use to level up your character and can also unlock pins and helpful gods that provide bonuses. If that's not enough, you'll eventually gain the ability to purchase powerful yet temporary boosts. Overall, this entire formula adds up to one addictive magic-filled experience. v1d30chumz 100-24-118-144

Unfortunately, Full Mojo Rampage doesn't offer much when it comes to its visuals. Characters and enemies look cool with their goofy animations and interesting (often humorous) designs. Where it gets disappointing is in the environments which are mostly barren, dull, and unmemorable. On the other hand, the audio is fantastic with gratifying sound effects and a diverse soundtrack that consists of a lot of catchy tunes and appropriate dramatic orchestral pieces that suit the hectic action.

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Hey, it's everyone's favourite luchador: Juan Aguacate!

Full Mojo Rampage primarily consists of four campaigns that each take roughly half an hour to beat. However, they're very tough and will likely require many attempts before you master them. Considering they consist of a random selection of generated stages, every time you play will be different. In addition to the campaigns are a few challenge modes that include a daily quest, a 30 stage survival mode, an endless survival mode, and finally an endless run mode whenever you manage to complete the quest campaigns. If that's not enough, you can take the magic online to play cooperatively with others or challenge them to either solo or team death matches, capture the flag, or king of the hill battles. You might even run into characters from other games such as Guacamelee, Minecraft, and Super Meat Boy along the way, too. There are so many modes to enjoy that you'll play for hours before it starts to feel repetitive.

Even though I had a great time with Full Mojo Rampage, it does have its problems. The first of which is that I found luck to play too much of a role when it comes to success. During some runs, I could make it through several stages without a hitch while I couldn't even pass the first stage in other attempts. This is mostly due to the items that you find. Some items help you marginally while others can turn you into an unstoppable Voodoo god. To be clear, this randomness is a lot more prominent in the later quests. Anyway, another issue is that local multiplayer isn't implemented very well. Basically, when a second player joins, they take a quarter of your health. When they inevitably perish and want to join in again, say goodbye to even more health. Why couldn't they just be treated like a normal player? It doesn't matter if it makes the game easier because gamers want to have fun and not be punished for playing with their pals.

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I never thought I'd see a Creeper from Minecraft take on a horde of skeletons

With so many roguelike twin stick shooters out there, Full Mojo Rampage offers something unique enough to check out. Before you download it, make sure you're ready to have its spell cast over you for hours at a time.

  • + Addictive twin stick gameplay with satisfying upgrade and inventory systems
  • + Catchy assortment of tunes
  • + Many challenging modes to enjoy
  • - Luck plays too much of a role, especially in the highly difficult later quests
  • - Bland and unmemorable environments
  • - Local multiplayer isn't well implemented
7.7 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Full Mojo Rampage
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