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Gal Gun 2 Review

A deeply thought-provoking gaming experience

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS4 on

Gal Gun 2 is also available for Nintendo Switch

Gal Gun 2 is rated Mature by the ESRB

Shooting schoolgirls with pheromone shots so they stop sexually harassing you is a stupid premise for a video game. However, stupid games can be some of the most fun, too, so let's see if Gal Gun 2 is an enjoyable way to kill brain cells.

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Gal Gun 2 screenshot 1
I'm not quite sure; that crazy lady just showed up out of nowhere!

After the somewhat enjoyable Gal Gun Double Peace that released a couple years ago and the Mighty Gunvolt Burst re-release Gal Gunvolt Burst, we finally have a sequel to the goofy bimbo-blasting arcade shooter from Inti Creates. The basic formula hasn't changed much as you still shoot schoolgirls while trying to aim for their weak spot so they collapse sooner. Also, the demon system is back although this time, you can suck them up after shooting them off possessed girls. The main difference from Double Peace is the fact that Gal Gun 2 seems to be built for VR as it has you teleport to different preset locations instead of automatically traversing stages on-rail. This change is curious indeed and as someone who enjoys arcade rail shooters, I found this setup to be far less enjoyable. On top of that, there is absolutely no VR support which is ridiculous for a game that was clearly designed with VR in mind. v1d30chumz 100-25-42-211

Aside from this obvious disappointment, Gal Gun 2 still has the same charm as Double Peace with its cheerful albeit outdated visuals and silly sense of humour full of sexual innuendos. The environments are still as unmemorable and the gals themselves look like they were made with the help of a cookie cutter. Their shrill voices are deafening, too, as they shriek and swoon like only an anime girl can. It's so incredibly annoying that I had to play with the sound off. Why anyone would want to listen to that is beyond me.

Gal Gun 2 screenshot 2
How about let's not?

On the plus side, Gal Gun 2's mindless shooting is pretty fun and good for a few laughs. This time around, there are a couple of extra stage types that provide some much-needed variety. The first has you protect girls from encroaching demons. Whether you're blasting them away or sucking them up, it's pretty fun to warp around the arena-like stages while taking care of hordes of pesky demons. Next, there are missions that task you with finding stuff. These are far less fun and can be extremely irritating. Sometimes, I just couldn't find what I was looking for no matter how hard I tried. This irritating mode contrasts with the rest of the game which is so easy that you could probably complete it blindfolded. Needless to say, the lack of difficulty makes the overall campaign rather unsatisfying.

Gal Gun 2 features a good amount of replay value in that it has multiple endings, a non-linear campaign where you choose which stage to tackle next, and a weird relationship system where you can date some of the virtual girls. Speaking of which, I have no idea how anyone can find anything in this series even mildly titillating. To me, it's cheeky, goofy, and provides the odd laugh which is good but that's all. Anyway, Double Peace offered a cohesive arcade experience and in contrast, Gal Gun 2 just feels like a slapped together hodgepodge of unchallenging gameplay and silly moments that range from humorous to cringe-worthy. Like I say, it's still enjoyable if you're in the market to mindlessly shoot within its goofy over-the-top world but don't count on it providing nearly as much fun as Double Peace did.

Gal Gun 2 screenshot 3
Looks like someone never learned how to wipe properly...

If you're some sort of incel who finds underage anime girls enticing then by all means, give Gal Gun 2 a try. However, if you simply want an enjoyable arcade shooting experience then you're better off looking elsewhere.

  • + Somewhat fun mindless arcade shooting
  • + Decent variety of stage types
  • + Good amount of replay value
  • - VR gameplay with no VR support
  • - Far less enjoyable than the arcade-style Gal Gun Double Peace
  • - Severe lack of challenge
4.8 out of 10
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