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Gal Gun Double Peace Review

Panties, potshots, and perverts

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS4 on

Gal Gun Double Peace is also available for PS Vita and Nintendo Switch

Gal Gun Double Peace is rated Mature by the ESRB

When you see an enemy, shoot it! That's how video games are played, right? Well, not this one. Gal Gun has you fend off swooning girls with pheromone shots to make them collapse in ecstasy so they leave you alone. Wait... what?

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Warning: actual girls do not like getting shot in the face

Although we unfortunately never got to see the original Gal Gun come to the west, this sequel managed to find its way to our shores. It all begins when an angel shoots the unpopular male student Houdai with a powerful blast that infuses him with irresistible charm. From then on, you control an aiming reticle while looking through Houdai's eyes as he automatically traverses stages. v1d30chumz 100-24-118-144

It's rail gun gameplay in its simplest form yet a few twists help keep it interesting. The first of which is that shooting girls in their preferred areas (head, chest, hips, or legs) will knock them out instantly. Next up, you can fire a special shot to pick a girl and go into "Doki-Doki" mode where you rub her until you find a spot that makes her happy. Keep rubbing and fill the meter to finally make her drown in ecstasy. Sometimes, girls have demons attached to them and you have to pick them off first before you can proceed with your antics. Girls' "attacks" consist of love letters, floating kanji, and cuddling. In other words, they're like zombies but far less deadly. Overall, the simple gameplay is easy to pick up and play yet these added complexities manage to keep it enjoyable.

It goes without saying that this is a very weird game. Honestly, although it's all about fending off girls who are relentlessly attracted to you, I fail to see how anything in Gal Gun Double Peace could remotely be erotic. For me, it's simply hilarious. I laughed out loud many times throughout the hours that I've played it. The absolutely ridiculous scenarios that you find yourself in are just awesome. For example, trying to free a girl who's stuck in a window involves relaxing her body by rubbing her in various spots then using the touchpad to push and pull her to safety. Meanwhile, her big old butt is right in your face. If that's not hilarious, I don't know what is.

Gal Gun Double Peace screenshot 2
Fun fact: "Doki-Doki" is a Japanese onomatopoeic term that represents a heart beating

One of Gal Gun Double Peace's best features is its impressive amount of content. Every playthrough of the couple hour long campaign has the potential to be almost entirely different to the last due to many decisions and branching paths. Discovering new stages and silly situations is a joy. On top of this, accomplishing certain tasks increases and decreases various personality traits such as intelligence, attraction, style, and lewdness. As far as I know, these aspects dictate which options are available to you in certain situations. Anyway, you can also purchase items from the store that make gameplay easier by extending your health meter and such. As you play, you'll discover collectibles scattered around that unlock in Collection Mode. Finally, you can fulfill students' requests via a social media network from the main menu. In the end, there's a ton of content here that'll make you blast away for many hours.

Even though there are plenty of branching paths and stages to explore, the core gameplay sure gets repetitive quite fast. After a couple of playthroughs, shooting at girls and watching them collapse for the thousandth time is far less fun once the novelty wears off. The primary contributor to the tedium is the fact that stages don't really do enough to differentiate themselves from one another. All they involve is the same gameplay with very few stand-out moments. This would have been remedied with more diverse stage design. Speaking of which, the fact that the environments themselves mostly look like they're from a PlayStation 2 game doesn't help. Sure, some places are pretty but the majority of stages are simply boring to look at.

Finally, this is a rail shooter that doesn't support the PlayStation Move controller. Considering PlayStation Move is compatible with PlayStation 4, the fact that you can't use a controller that resembles a light gun is a huge missed opportunity as that would have added so much more enjoyment to the experience. Also, the original PlayStation 3 game used the Move controller so why doesn't this?

Gal Gun Double Peace screenshot 3
Enough horsing around, these girls have to practice their breaststroke

Gal Gun Double Peace is an enjoyable rail shooter with a ridiculously hilarious premise. Although it's bursting with content, the repetitiveness of it all is sure to bore even the biggest perverts out there.

  • + Simple rail shooter gameplay with a few twists that help keep it enjoyable
  • + Wacky premise is absolutely hilarious
  • + Loads of alternate routes and content
  • - The basic gameplay gets repetitive with lack of interesting stage design
  • - Most environments are quite boring
  • - No PlayStation Move support
6.5 out of 10
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