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Gal Gunvolt Burst Review

Same game, new name

A.J. Maciejewski

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Gal Gunvolt Burst is rated Everyone by the ESRB

Fans of Inti Creates may be slightly confused as to what their latest 2D action-packed game crossover is all about. As a fan myself, allow me to explain exactly what Gal Gunvolt Burst is.

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If this looks familiar then you've probably already played Mighty Gunvolt Burst

What the heck is Gal Gunvolt Burst?

Simply put, Gal Gunvolt Burst is the exact same game as Mighty Gunvolt Burst except it includes the Ekoro character DLC right out of the gate. Considering I already reviewed Mighty Gunvolt Burst, if you're completely new to the game then please read my in-depth Mighty Gunvolt Burst review instead as that'll help you understand the base game much more than this review will. As you read it, just imagine that there's a third character included and that's pretty much Gal Gunvolt Burst in a nutshell. v1d30chumz 100-25-42-211

Thankfully, Gal Gunvolt Burst includes the same fantastic gameplay complete with catchy 8-bit music and awesome retro visuals. Virtually nothing has changed so it goes without saying but playing through the stages while unlocking customization parts then optimizing your characters is as addictive as it was in Mighty Gunvolt Burst. It's such a fun game so if you don't already own it or perhaps don't have a Switch or 3DS then Gal Gunvolt Burst is definitely a must-buy game, especially if you're an old-school 2D action game fan.

Gal Gunvolt Burst screenshot 2
Why can't Ekoro and Kurona just get along?

Is it worth buying if I own Mighty Gunvolt Burst?

This is the question that's probably on every Gunvolt fan's mind. The short answer is... well, no. It's the same game. If you already own Mighty Gunvolt Burst then simply purchase the Ekoro DLC for a couple bucks and there you go: you own Gal Gunvolt Burst. That being said, the main difference in the two games is the array of downloadable content so let's take a closer look at what's now available.

What about the DLC?

Here's a list of the currently available DLC for Mighty Gunvolt Burst:

  • Ekoro (from Gal Gun - also included in Gal Gunvolt Burst)
  • Call (from Mighty No. 9)
  • Joule (from Azure Striker Gunvolt)
  • Copen (from Azure Striker Gunvolt)
  • Kurona (from Gal Gun)
  • Ray (from Mighty No. 9)

Considering the Rivals DLC Character Set in Gal Gunvolt Burst only gets you Copen, Kurona, and Ray; I hope that Inti Creates plans to release Call and Joule soon because without them, you're better off just sticking to Mighty Gunvolt Burst. That is, if you care about playing as the DLC characters. If you don't then Gal Gunvolt Burst is currently the better deal seeing as it's bundled with Ekoro.

Gal Gunvolt Burst screenshot 3
What's more annoying than a final boss who uses cyber-slang?

Gal Gunvolt Burst is the same game as Mighty Gunvolt Burst and merely contains its Ekoro DLC by default. Therefore, it gets the same score. If you've never played it before then now's a great time to pick it up. It's fun retro 2D action in its purest form and the character customization is a blast. Let's just hope that Inti Creates does something a little more original for their next release.

  • + Same fantastic Mighty Gunvolt Burst game with a bundled DLC character
  • + Visuals and music are as great as ever
  • + Addictive character customization
  • - No need to purchase it if you already own Mighty Gunvolt Burst and its Ekoro DLC
  • - Same issues as the original game
7.5 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Gal Gunvolt Burst
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