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Game Type DX Review

A cool indie shmup (if you can find it)

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing an Xbox One on 🦀

Game Type DX is also available for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Game Type DX is rated Everyone by the ESRB

After over a decade since its debut, the parody shoot 'em up Game Type is back with a brand new DX iteration so get ready to parkour.

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Game Type DX screenshot 1
I wonder how delicious giant enemy crabs are...

Oh, Xbox 360...

The Xbox 360 went through so many operating system changes in its lifetime that it was ridiculous. Eventually, it became so full of ads that it inspired this very game to be made. You see, it was getting increasingly difficult to find indie games so Game Type is essentially a parody of this annoying dashboard system. Specifically, once you turn the game on, you're presented with menus full of fake ads and you actually have to find the game which is tucked away in some obscure menu. Unfortunately, things haven't got much better since then as game stores are quick to display whatever's popular and don't do much to highlight indies. In fact, after a recent Xbox Series X store update, it now makes you have to scroll down a lot just to see the recently released games. How irritating is that? v1d30chumz 44-212-99-248

Feel the power of parkour

Once you find Game Type DX in the menu, you're in for a real treat as it's one exciting shoot 'em up where your enemies are inspired by the ads that appeared in the menus. You play as hoodie girl and the word "parkour" is prominently displayed throughout although no actual parkour is done in-game. All you do is hold a face button for a multi-directional shot and another face button deploys a stronger stream of projectiles that slows you down. Whenever you stop shooting, onscreen money will fly towards you and there are power-ups that allow you to slow time down which is great for whenever you're in a pickle. With a score multiplier in place and frantic gameplay that'll keep you on your toes, this is one solid shmup that you'll keep playing as your skills improve and you climb the leaderboards. 🏆

Game Type DX screenshot 2
No configuration of tombstones can faze me!

3 modes for your pleasure

In addition to the hilarious premise, solid gameplay, and goofy visuals, you can enjoy 3 modes either solo or cooperatively with a friend. Both Original and Parkour Remix modes are similar in that you take on waves of increasingly difficult enemies with the latter being a bit more challenging while offering a finer-tuned campaign. Next, Surprise mode is randomly generated and it features many power-ups and power-downs that will do things like give you 1 million points, take away a life, and alter the game speed. The complete chaos of this mode is excellent and I enjoyed it so much that I'm currently #3 on the online leaderboard; yay! With that being said, these 3 modes don't differ all that much so I wish there were additional ones to choose from that mixed things up even more. 🧲

Meet your enemies

One of the best aspects about Game Type DX is its array of enemy types which range from doughnuts that break apart, little football players that run around, tombstones that spin in formation, and game controllers that spray electricity everywhere. Each one of these enemy types requires strategy to overcome and you'll constantly find yourself switching between the 2 shot types in order to do so. However, the giant boss cat in a tie with a desk in front of it can be a bit repetitive, especially after facing it many, many times. 🐱

Sequel, please?

Although playing Game Type DX is a blast, it does get rather repetitive after playing a bunch of runs in a row. This is mostly due to its limited scope but it's also partially due to the fact that it could be more contemporary. Specifically, I would love if Game Type DX had a sequel that lampooned modern game storefronts such as how the PlayStation Store is filled to the brim with absolute crap such as Pretty Bird 6, Coffee Run, The Penguin P, The Jumping Kebab, The Chicken Quiz, The Button Be, Fump Jump, and everything from Breakthrough Gaming. If they made a game making fun of all that, I'd finally feel like there's some semblance of sanity in the world. 🐣

Game Type DX screenshot 3
Watch as I skillfully dodge projectiles with the power of parkour

Game Type DX may be a silly take on the awful ad-heavy Xbox 360 dashboard but it's also a solid shoot 'em up that makes achieving high scores a ton of fun. A contemporary sequel would provide more bite, though, so I hope that one is on its way.

  • + Frantic fast-paced shoot 'em up fun with solid core gameplay
  • + Hilarious premise and cheesy visuals
  • + Great variety of enemy types
  • - Although fun, the action gets repetitive after a while of score-chasing
  • - The 3 modes don't differ all that much
  • - Could use more bosses
7.3 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Game Type DX
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