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Garfield Lasagna Party Review

Feline fun with friends

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS5 on 🍝

Garfield Lasagna Party is also available for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

Garfield Lasagna Party is rated Everyone by the ESRB

Everyone's favourite orange cat is back with a few friends so let's head to Garfield's Lasagna Party. You have your invitation, right?

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This Tick-Tock mini-game is oodles of fun

Welcome to the party

When I was but a bear cub, I was a huge fan of Garfield and had a lot of his books that I thought were hilarious. At the time, it wasn't common to see a comic character simply being lazy and sarcastic and that's Garfield's main appeal. Needless to say, Garfield Lasagna Party brought a lot of memories back, especially considering that the 3D models used for the characters are bang-on and really bring the cast to life. I especially enjoyed whenever Pooky would be part of a mini-game as that little bear was always my favourite. 🧸 v1d30chumz 44-210-77-106

Anyway, Garfield Lasagna Party was made by the same developers as The Sisters - Party of the Year which I thoroughly enjoyed last year. In fact, both games feature some similar mini-games and a few have essentially carried over. Another interesting tidbit is that although The Sisters has 24 mini-games, this has 32 but that's not necessarily an improvement because I actually had more fun with The Sisters due to its games' overall higher quality but I'll get more into that later. One nifty addition is that we now have a board game! 🎲

Let's play a board game

That's right; Garfield Lasagna Party actually has a board game mode that 4 players can enjoy together with any missing slots being filled by AI characters. This might sound promising but I actually found the board game to be incredibly slow-paced and tedious. Whereas Mario Party games feature tons of randomness, strategic opportunities, and clever events, what's here is little more than a standard board game with mini-games thrown in. There is an item system but I didn't find it to add much as you can only gain slight advantages from using items to take away moves from opponents and add numbers to your dice rolls. I'd rather just play the individual mini-games. 😅

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Can we not play this board game?

Mini-games galore

Here's the best part of any party game; the mini-games! Garfield Lasagna Party includes 32 of them and they range drastically in quality. My favourite mini-game is Tick-Tock where you run around a house while trying to pass an alarm clock to another player as holding it decreases your points. What makes it so fun is that doors open and close so there's a lot of strategy required if you want to emerge victorious. Even simple mini-games can be a blast like Catch It where you try to snag toast that gets ejected from a toaster but not the burnt slices. Some mini-games are adorable as well such as the rhythm game Cats Band and I also enjoyed the free-for-all take on the classic Snake formula with Supercat. I'd even say that some of these are more fun than the average Mario Party mini-game. 🥳

Of course, there are a bunch of middle-of-the-road mini-games and some of them are downright frustrating which I'll discuss later. For starters, there's one game where you have to play chicken with a dog sneaking up on you but you have to press the button super-early in order to not get snagged which makes it a disappointingly random competition. Next, the fishing and golfing mini-games are very similar and they make it kind of annoying to aim but the worst one in this category is Catapulted Pie which has perhaps the most irritating aiming I've ever come across. Keep in mind; I'm not even mentioning the dozen or so middling games that'll make you say, "meh". 😐

Control and AI issues

Finally, there are some awful control and AI issues with Garfield Lasagna Party that I need to discuss. First, some mini-games have you control your character of choice in a third-person perspective and doing so feels disconnected and floaty. Throw in problematic aiming such as seen in the snowball fight game where I couldn't hit Nermal no matter how hard I tried because he's so short and you're left with some aggravating controls. Plus, picking objects up in some mini-games can feel random as it doesn't always register. With all of that in mind, most mini-games are incredibly easy to learn and control so these particular ones really stand out like a sore thumb. 👎

Oh, right; the AI issues! Well, computer-controlled players in Garfield Lasagna Party are either incredibly stupid or ridiculously difficult to beat. Some games make winning against the AI an exercise in frustration while other games make it so easy that it's not even rewarding. This of course means that it's a much more enjoyable game to play with friends so you don't have to put up with any AI players. 🤦‍♀️

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Garfield's busy bothering Jon when everyone else is playing properly

Garfield Lasagna Party is an overall fun party game with an impressive collection of entertaining mini-games. Of course, there are some clunkers in the mix but if you can avoid those, you and your feline friends will certainly have a yummy feast of multiplayer treats.

  • + Includes 32 mini-games; many of which are fun with some being highly entertaining
  • + Excellent representation of Garfield + friends
  • + Most games are easy to learn and control
  • - Certain controls like picking objects up and third-person movement are clunky
  • - The board game mode is rather tedious
  • - AI players have oddly random difficulty
7.2 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Garfield Lasagna Party
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