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God Eater 3 Review

The Aragami killer strikes again

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS4 on

God Eater 3 is also available for Nintendo Switch

God Eater 3 is rated Teen by the ESRB

Bandai Namco's monster-slaying action RPG series has been going strong for almost a decade so get ready to fight yet again.

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Before heading out, let's just admire the view for a minute...

It's been years since I played a God Eater game so I'm not well-versed with the franchise. Because of this, my review will be from a mostly fresh perspective and I won't compare it to the previous games in the series because frankly, I don't remember much about them. With that out of the way, God Eater 3 is a pretty fun and action-packed game that impressed me right off the bat with its epic battles and tight gameplay. Plus, its sharp and flashy visuals make its gameplay really pop. After playing for about a dozen hours, I unfortunately don't feel the same enthusiasm so let's explore what God Eater 3 does well and where it falls flat. v1d30chumz 35-175-107-185

God Eater 3 has you play as a ragtag group of fighters who are tasked with slaughtering destructive monsters known as Aragami that are threatening the post-apocalyptic yet inhabited world. Each of these warriors has a unique personality and watching them interact while facing dire circumstances will keep you rooting for them throughout each mission and cutscene. Although I enjoyed experiencing the cast's ups and downs as well as the occasional silly moment, the story itself really isn't deep or engaging but what do you expect?

God Eater 3 screenshot 2
Teamwork is key to slaughtering Aragami like a pro

Its combat is where God Eater 3 shines brightest. For starters, the core gameplay is tight which makes running and jumping through stages while slashing and shooting any in-the-way enemies quite fun. Aside from the basics, there are plenty of additional controls that you'll eventually learn to master as you progress. One of the coolest moves is the ability to air dive which sends you flying speedily ahead. As you master the controls, you can learn how to perform perfect guards to nullify damage, have your weapon devourer Aragami to enter Burst form or acquire materials, and engage with your teammates to share certain characteristics. It gets pretty complex.

Even though there are many moves and systems to keep in mind, God Eater 3 remains a very team-driven game in that cooperating with your fighting partners is the key to success whether they're controlled by the AI or online players. Tackling giant foes while each player shows off their unique skill set can be quite an exciting display. That being said, if you want to thoroughly test your skills then I recommend attempting tough missions solo as that has the potential to provide a steep yet rewarding challenge.

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I hope my teammates remembered to pack their thermal underwear

God Eater 3 features a wide variety of weaponry (specifically named God Arcs). Experimenting with each type to see how they perform is a great deal of fun, especially considering they can transform between melee and gun mode by the tap of a button. Even though the weapons are cool, I must admit that character growth felt a bit lacking to me as all it essentially involves is improving your equipment loadout. I wish there were character levels, classes, jobs, skill trees, etc. Instead, all you can do is craft and upgrade equipment, assign skills to weapons, and equip various Burst Art and effect combos as well as bullets and a few other abilities. Although assigning all this stuff is fairly comprehensive, it still feels like there are a lot of missed opportunities when it comes to character growth.

My time with God Eater 3 began on a high note but after playing for only a few hours, it started to become quite repetitive. After a handful of missions, I expected there to be more variety when it came to mission objectives and such. However, each mission basically tasks you with slaying certain Aragami within a small-scale stage. Speaking of which, there aren't even that many stages and fighting in the same ones over and over again gets tedious fast. Sure, there are many different kinds of Aragami and they become quite ferocious but the fact remains that the missions are mostly short and extremely monotonous. More variety would have gone a long way.

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No matter how big the Aragami is, we can take it down together!

God Eater 3's core gameplay is spot-on for exciting combat yet its missions are too one-note for it to remain engaging for more than a few hours. As a result, its campaign can feel like a chore and even playing online multiplayer ends up being all too samey.

  • + Fast-paced team-based combat that makes taking down giant monsters satisfying
  • + Sharp and flashy visuals
  • + Great variety of weapons and moves
  • - Gameplay becomes super-repetitive after playing for a while
  • - Missions are short and unvaried
  • - Character growth is fairly flat
6.9 out of 10
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