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A puzzle platformer with cat photos

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a Nintendo Switch on

I and Me is also available for PS4, PS Vita, and Xbox One

I and Me is rated Everyone by the ESRB

If you've ever wanted to play as two kitties simultaneously then here's a game for you. I and Me features simple yet challenging puzzle platforming gameplay so get your wits ready and let's pounce!

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Only 14 pages to go; you can do it, kitties!

I and Me is one of those odd atmospheric indie games with tone-setting onscreen messages before every stage. These help explain the very strange premise of having to control two cats simultaneously in order to guide them to a couple of picture frames. The gameplay itself only requires you to move left and right and jump. However, ensuring the cats reach the two goals at the exact same moment can be quite challenging. Early on, you'll have to run against walls in order to increase or decrease the gap between them but later, some interesting gameplay twists are introduced in the form of various stage mechanics. Formulating a solution for a stage then executing it with precision feels rewarding although getting snagged on a hazard or porcupine can result in some frustration. In the end, the basic controls make solving the large variety of stages an intuitive yet often challenging endeavor. v1d30chumz 3-239-112-140

The campaign in I and Me is divided between four season-themed areas and each one of them contains a couple dozen stages to work through. Unfortunately, the visuals aren't very impressive. The hodgepodge of foreground features and soft watercolor backgrounds have a decent contrast which allows you to focus on the gameplay but the animations and lack of stand-out characteristics leave a lot to be desired. Also, the fact that you'll only witness four themed environments that don't differ much from each other makes the graphics get stale quite early on in the campaign. On the plus side, the gentle piano melodies and quiet orchestral arrangements are lovely and add a pleasant atmosphere. In the end, it may have average visuals but the music definitely establishes a fitting ambience.

I and Me screenshot 2
Fun fact: the sheep act as mobile trampolines

As I've touched upon already, there are a handful of enjoyable gameplay complexities that are introduced throughout the campaign. For starters, sheep will march back and forth and you can jump on them to bounce off and reach higher platforms. You'll also come across platforms that move left and right or up and down which can sometimes be controlled by switches. Even further in the campaign, you'll reach teleportation nodes and items that allow the cat who touches it to move in the opposite direction. Thankfully, these additional elements help keep the gameplay fresh and make solving the puzzles a lot more challenging.

Unfortunately, the core gameplay remains very basic even with these extra mechanics. As a result, the fun factor dies down about halfway through the campaign. In my personal experience, the gameplay went from intriguing to rewarding to tedious within about an hour of gameplay. Another disappointing aspect of I and Me is that there isn't much replay value. There is only one type of collectible which takes the form of story pages. There are just 20 to obtain within the entire campaign and they are quite easy to collect for the most part. Besides that, there are no challenges or any significant incentives to replay stages.

I and Me screenshot 3
Hey, buddy; you're facing the wrong way!

I and Me has a solid premise for a puzzle platformer but the limited amount of fun to be had makes it a somewhat disappointing game. That said, if you want a simple yet challenging puzzler then you can't go wrong by giving it a download.

  • + Simple platform puzzle gameplay with loads of stages to solve
  • + Lovely orchestral piano score
  • + A few complexities freshen things up
  • - Gameplay is ultimately rather tedious even with the added mechanics
  • - Visuals become stale quite early on
  • - Very little replay value
6.0 out of 10
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