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Infinite Links Review

Rid the world of Evils

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing an Xbox Series X on

Infinite Links is also available for Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch

Infinite Links is rated Everyone 10+ by the ESRB

If you're in the mood for a lighthearted retro RPG then Infinite Links is here and it has brought along plenty of new characters to meet.

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Kronos and gang paint the town red before their next adventure


Infinite Links tells the story of aspiring wizard Kronos and his sister Serene who find themselves in a situation involving magical Talismans. You see; monsters known as Evils have been appearing in their world so they take it upon themselves to put an end to them while nations struggle to claim their own Talismans. Can these chums live up to the legendary Sage and Angel who previously saved the world? v1d30chumz 3-223-3-251


Although the story in Infinite Links is somewhat typical, its main appeal remains the cast of characters. First, Kronos is a hard-working and kind-hearted leader and it's great to see a protagonist that actually seems to care. His sister Serene who's not actually blood-related makes a perfect companion as she's equally caring. As the 2 progress in their adventure, they'll be joined by a highly intelligent researcher named Meytia, the well-travelled bard Yumil who's a bit mysterious, and an android known as Beruna who maintains an analytic mind. I found the characters to be a breath of fresh air as they display an eager sense of purpose which contrasts with modern society's apathy.

Infinite Links screenshot 2
Meytia doesn't put up with any guff


The combat within Infinite Links is handled well in that anyone who has ever played an RPG can easily learn it. Each character and enemy occupies space on a grid and you use skills that have the potential to target multiple enemies or allies in order to maximize each turn. With that being said, the battles are mostly unchallenging with only bosses posing a sense of danger but even then; they're all still doable after a bit of grinding. I wish more strategy was required because merely experimenting with elemental magic just isn't enough.

I should mention that there are various formations that you can experiment with in order to gain certain boosts. Although these are clever, I didn't find the need to switch up my party positions after I settled on a formation that seemed to work out.


On the plus side, customizing your party is involving and satisfying. My favourite aspect to tinker with is the skill boards where you assign earned Talismans in order to unlock skills and apply boosts. There are also Fatal Moves to discover via combos which makes fleshing out each character's skill set even more fulfilling. Meanwhile, equipment is fairly straightforward as each character can equip a weapon, suit of armour, and accessory. Where things get interesting is the fact that you can assign fragments to weapon and armour slots for boosts and these fragments can be combined to make them even more potent. Speaking of which, you can upgrade weapons and armour but doing so is incredibly simplistic as you essentially just combine levelled up items into preferred gear thus enhancing its level.

Infinite Links screenshot 3
Looks like it's time for a little elemental strategy


As you progress in Infinite Links, you'll work your way through many dungeons that feature a solid amount of alternate paths and hidden treasures. Although I found it rewarding to trek off the beaten path and acquire some worthwhile treasure, there really isn't much to dungeon exploration. I wish there were more puzzles and different environments because simply opening doors while closing others as you take in the same kind of visuals gets quite repetitive after a while. I did enjoy encountering each unique boss, though. 😊


One aspect that Infinite Links accomplishes exceptionally well is providing regular rewards. On top of completing sub-quests for NPCs, you'll also fill out a monster catalog that features over 200 enemy types. Upon defeating certain thresholds of each, you'll unlock a bonus item which acts as a neat incentive. There's also an awards grid that basically gives you items for accomplishing achievement-like tasks and you can spend Divine Gems and Tickets to unlock gear and permanent upgrades such as experience multipliers.

Infinite Links screenshot 4
Oh, you can just walk right past it...

Although it has its shortcomings, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Infinite Links. Its thoughtful cast of characters and satisfying party customization elements are more than enough to keep you entertained from start to finish.

  • + Enjoyable RPG set in a lighthearted world filled with personable characters
  • + Skill boards and fragments are nifty
  • + Rewarding catalog and awards unlockables
  • - Combat could use more strategic elements
  • - Weapon upgrading is too basic
  • - Dungeons aren't all that interesting
7.3 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Infinite Links
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