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Iron Harvest Complete Edition Review

A dieselpunk mecha RTS

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS5 on

Iron Harvest Complete Edition is also available for Xbox Series X

Iron Harvest Complete Edition is rated Teen by the ESRB

Let's travel back to 1920s Europe but it now has mechs so here's the intriguing real-time strategy game Iron Harvest Complete Edition.

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Time to get to work on our workshop

I've been wanting to play Iron Harvest ever since it released for PC but my computer sucks so imagine my delight when it was announced for consoles. Now that I've played Iron Harvest Complete Edition, I must say that I'm both pleased with what it has to offer as well as a little disappointed. For starters, it must be challenging to port games developed for PC to console so I give the team responsible for this feat some credit for at least getting the job done. With that being said, the controls are tough to get accustomed to and even when you do, you'll still find yourself fumbling around while not remembering how to perform certain tasks that should otherwise be simple to accomplish. In other words, they could have done much more to simplify the menus, interface, and controls for playing with a gamepad. v1d30chumz 44-210-77-106

I may have got a bit ahead of myself right out of the gate so what exactly is Iron Harvest Complete Edition? Well, it's an enhanced version of the PC game with more content but in a broader sense, it tells the story of post-World War I Europe in an alternate history where mechs are used in combat. In fact, that's the thing that initially appealed to me about it but I wasn't expecting such an interesting story that's filled with memorable characters from 3 warring nations with my favourite being Anna Kos from Polania because she befriends a bear and that's awesome. Anyway, watching the story unfold through the eyes of these characters while seeing where they come from and who their loved ones are really fleshes out the campaign in an impressively beautiful way; I wasn't expecting that! 😄

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I would appreciate it if you could stop setting my soldiers aflame

When it comes to gameplay, Iron Harvest Complete Edition is essentially a standard real-time strategy game where you select your units then send them to do things like fight enemy groups, destroy buildings, build bases, and many stage-specific actions such as rerouting train tracks so you can guide a train to its destination. I'm grateful that there is such a decent variety of missions like this because simply fighting enemies would have got boring on its own. Plus, it's rewarding when you actually accomplish constructive feats. 😊

Thankfully, Iron Harvest Complete Edition contains oodles of content that'll take you an exceptionally long time to play through. The most notable chunk of content are the 5 distinct campaigns which allow you to play as characters from Polania (Poland), Rusviet (Russia), Saxony (Germany), Usonia (USA), and experience the events of The Rusviet Revolution. Each campaign can be completed within a few lengthy gaming sessions so that's a solid amount of content on its own. However, you also get configurable skirmish missions, a selection of set challenges, and online multiplayer for up to 6 players. So, you'll have lots to do after you complete every campaign.

Although all of this is great, I wish that some of the missions had more instructions because I occasionally became lost as to how to complete them. This might tie in to the unintuitive controls but it would have been great to have each mission spelled out for dummies like me. I once even defeated all of the enemy forces, built tons of bases, and took over every resource-collecting operation on the map and still didn't know what to do in order to proceed. My only other complaint is that the game completely crashed a handful of times; often forcing me to replay entire lengthy missions all over again from the beginning. Now, that just made me mad. 😠

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Time to back this train up, flip the switch, and try again

Iron Harvest Complete Edition is one of those games that I wanted to love but only ended up liking it. Although it features an undeniably clever setting and rewarding gameplay, it's also quite a struggle to fully enjoy at times.

  • + Rewarding real-time strategy gameplay with a solid variety of missions
  • + Very cool setting and characters
  • + Loads of content to sink your teeth into
  • - Controls are annoyingly unintuitive
  • - Some missions could use more direction
  • - I experienced frequent crashes
7.1 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Iron Harvest Complete Edition
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