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It's Quiz Time Review

What time is it?

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a PS4 on

It's Quiz Time is also available for Xbox One

It's Quiz Time is rated Everyone by the ESRB

It requires a great deal of work to craft a worthwhile trivia game. The question is; do these former Buzz developers still have what it takes? I'm going to guess B. Let's see if I'm right.

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This is a tough one but I'll take an educated guess...

It's Quiz Time is an impressive game on paper: it's made by former Buzz developers, it boasts an unbelievable amount of questions, and it looks super-snazzy. You play it by downloading a mobile app then using your phone or tablet to answer questions. Right away, this is a needless complication. Not only is it a pain to download yet another app that you probably won't use much, if you have a device such as a PC that can't download the app then you can't use it to play this game. I don't understand how Jackbox Games handles this so perfectly by merely providing a URL while It's Quiz Time forces you to download something. I even remember playing Fibbage on my Vita! Anyway, this aspect annoyed me right off the bat but let's see if the game is worth all the overly complicated setup. v1d30chumz 3-235-173-74

For starters, the visuals are pretty cool. You answer questions in front of a virtual city that consists of flashy laser structures and animated installations. The host is a sort of cyber-pixie named Salli and although she's very well-animated, I can't help but wish she wasn't naked. The devs rendered her forearms and head to shoulders separately but the fact that the rendering cuts off right where her virtual boobs would be is pretty suggestive. Why not give her a virtual shirt or just render her head and arms? On the plus side, her voice is handled well seeing as she reads the questions and generally sounds quite good while doing so. There is the odd case that sounds off such as when she read "NYPD Blue" as "Niept Blue" yet it's still quite well-implemented. That being said, she feels the need to say awful jokes and ramble on about stupid crap when you're trying to focus which is as embarrassing as it is distracting.

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Seeing as Sephiroth is the villain in Harry Potter, I think George Weasley was in Final Fantasy VII

It's Quiz Time offers a decent selection of modes to play. You can challenge a string of trivia questions solo, play with up to eight friends in a variety of modes, and even broadcast your gameplay via a "Live Show" where you can compete against your viewers. I must say, that latter mode has a lot of potential and it's great to see developers actually integrate services such as Twitch and YouTube into their games. On top of that, there's a good variety of multiplayer modes that you can experience such as ones where you have to order and match answers, try to guess what answers your friends gave to personal questions, and describe topics while your friends tick off key words that you say. Finally, there's an "Event Quiz" mode but it's currently disabled.

Although It's Quiz Time certainly contains a solid amount of content, one aspect can make or break a trivia game and that is the questions themselves. Unfortunately, the questions here seem like an artificial intelligence skimmed Wikipedia and spit out a bunch of trivia afterwards. Whereas games such as You Don't Know Jack feature a collection of carefully-crafted and tricky questions, It's Quiz Time severely lacks interesting and challenging content. There's a lot of repetition involved, too. Upon picking a category, be prepared to answer 10 or so almost identical questions. If you pick "game developers" then literally every question will be "Who developed [blank]?" The almost complete lack of question variety and challenge absolutely kills a lot of It's Quiz Time's potential which is frustrating because it could have been so much more. I hope the developers have the sense to actually write thoughtful trivia for their next game.

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Buzz!: Quiz TV... Now, that's a fun trivia game!

It's Quiz Time is definitely a promising trivia game with a good selection of ways to play but its reliance on basic and seemingly computer-generated questions makes it a tough game to recommend to trivia buffs.

  • + Decent variety of modes to play
  • + Very cool visuals and generally well-done synthesized voice
  • + Live Show mode has potential
  • - Trivia seems like it's spat out by a computer instead of being carefully written
  • - Weird naked cyber-pixie host with terrible jokes and nonsensical ramblings
4.8 out of 10
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