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Ittle Dew Review

It's not Zelda but it'll do

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing a Nintendo Switch on

Ittle Dew is also available for Wii U and Ouya

Ittle Dew is rated Everyone 10+ by the ESRB

When it comes to games inspired by The Legend of Zelda, few indies are as fun as Ludosity's Ittle Dew so get ready for adventure.

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Be prepared to solve plenty of clever practical puzzles

I remember when Ittle Dew debuted on Ouya in 2013. Its unique visual style and Zelda-style campaign wowed everyone who owned the console including myself. Although it's been out for 6 years, Ittle Dew is still a highly entertaining adventure. It stars the titular adventurer Ittle Dew who washes ashore an island with her flying fox friend Tippsie. They decide to explore the island in the hopes of uncovering treasure then set sail to their next conquest. However, their raft is destroyed so they'll have to get another one if they ever want to leave the island. Luckily, they meet a shopkeeper named Itan who will gladly exchange a raft for an artifact so Ittle and Tippsie journey to a nearby castle in order to retrieve it and the rest of the adventure is primarily set in this elaborate puzzle-filled castle. v1d30chumz 3-235-186-94

The main focus of Ittle Dew is utilizing your core array of equipment in clever ways. As you progress, you'll gain access to a fire sword, an ice wand, and a portal wand. The fire sword can set things aflame and melt ice while the ice wand can freeze objects and enemies. The cleverest item is the portal wand which allows you to place a green block then warp certain objects as well as yourself to it by launching an energy ball. When you factor in combinations of these items such as being able to freeze your warp block then push it over spikes or warp tough enemies to spike pits so they perish instantly; you're left with one open-ended framework for some very clever puzzles. The combat merely involves slashing your sword but taking out enemies in unconventional ways is much more satisfying.

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I definitely can't say the same for the quality of this game!

The aspect of Ittle Dew that I love most is its charming visual style and hilarious sense of humour. Even something as simple as running into a goofy-looking statue will have Ittle pull a silly face to mock it and these moments always crack me up. Even the twist ending made me laugh out loud at how ridiculous the plot is. Anyway, one element that's enjoyable for perfectionists is that you can try and unlock 26 collectible cards that are hidden around the world and within dungeons which are usually locked behind super-tough puzzles. Finally, you can try and speedrun the campaign given 4 sets of restrictions which can be enjoyable if you're into speedrunning.

Even though I love Ittle Dew, it is a very short game as you can easily finish it within 3 hours. Trying to unlock all of the cards obviously adds a lot of replay value so you can expect to play it for at least a few more hours if you want to collect everything. The only other negative point that I can think of is that the difficulty is rather forgiving as you basically continue wherever you left off with full health. Even while confronting the final boss, you merely continue at the phase that you were on when you perished which makes it incredibly easy. All of that being said, these 2 downsides are so minor that they don't take much away from the overall experience.

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What does it say?!

Ittle Dew may not contain a lengthy adventure but it's so packed with fun that I highly recommend it. Replaying this indie classic definitely made me excited for the prospect of Ittle Dew 3. Will it ever happen? By Itan's beard, I hope so!

  • + Fantastic Zelda-style gameplay with tons of rewarding puzzles to solve
  • + Hilarious and charming world
  • + Collecting cards adds replay value
  • - Quite short as the main campaign only lasts about 3 hours
  • - Difficulty is too forgiving
8.1 out of 10
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Watch A.J. play Ittle Dew
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