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Jeopardy! PlayShow Review

I'll take fun quiz games for 100, Alex

A.J. Maciejewski

Reviewed by playing an Xbox One on

Jeopardy! PlayShow is also available for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Jeopardy! PlayShow is rated Everyone by the ESRB

As someone who grew up watching Jeopardy!, I know a lot of useless facts and one thing I know is that this is a pretty cool game.

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That's the movie with Danny Zuko and Benjamin Gates in it, right?

Over the years, Jackbox games has been releasing game show style compilations that have players go to a URL on their device of choice in order to partake in the fun. If you're familiar with the format then Jeopardy! PlayShow follows a similar structure as you play it by booting the game up on your console then everyone goes to a website. Once each player is in, you start the game which streams a past episode of Jeopardy! and all you do is answer the questions before the players in the episode get a chance to. You can play solo and try to compete with the episode's contestants or you can enjoy the fun with up to 3 local players where you compete against each other as well as the real contestants. It's really that simple and honestly, I can't imagine a better format for interactive Jeopardy! v1d30chumz 3-238-199-4

Purchasing Jeopardy! PlayShow allows you to choose from 30 episodes which is a substantial amount as it'll likely take you anywhere from 10 to 15 hours to play through all of those. Plus, once you've completed everything and want more, you can buy extra DLC packs that contain more episodes which are reasonably priced but there aren't that many as of writing this. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the episodes while answering questions myself because that's what you do when you watch Jeopardy! on TV so why not actually be in the game? In order to answer a question, all you do is tap the buzzer before your friends then speak into the microphone which couldn't be more intuitive. You can also type your answer if you prefer but you'll have to be super-quick so I don't recommend it.

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I'm glad you can skip these scenes

The ability to compete against actual Jeopardy! contestants and your friends at the same time makes for an excellent formula that I thoroughly enjoy but it does have its downsides. For starters, how come only a maximum of 3 local players can compete? I understand that there are only 3 contestants on the TV show but restricting the number for this video game just feels arbitrarily limiting. I mean, you're already playing against the show contestants so each game can have 6 players; why not expand that to more? I would have loved to be able to play with 8 local players and even have an online multiplayer mode. Restricting these things is a big bummer.

Finally, Jeopardy! PlayShow is plagued with weird glitches and issues that can be very frustrating. Actually, you and your friends will probably laugh at these moments more than get annoyed at them which ironically makes Jeopardy! PlayShow even more fun but there's still no denying just how dumb this game can be. For example, my gaming partner answered "trumpet" to a question even though the answer was "The Liberty Bell" and they got it correct for some reason. Another time, I kept saying "minnow" and the game kept thinking I was saying "Mendo" so I answered "Mendo Mendo Mendo" and the answer was "minnow" and I got it wrong. Other times, the wrong question was displayed onscreen and I even saw text overlapping background text once which made everything indecipherable.

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Some questions are definitely easier than others

"I'll take interactive game shows for 100, Alex."
"This video game is intuitive and can be a lot of fun yet its glitches will make you laugh and occasionally become frustrated."
"What is Jeopardy! PlayShow?"

  • + Seamlessly incorporates interactive gameplay with the classic quiz show
  • + Includes 30 actual episodes
  • + Intuitive to set up and play
  • - Contains some ridiculous glitches
  • - Voice recognition doesn't always work
  • - Only supports 3 local players
6.7 out of 10
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Official trailer for Jeopardy! PlayShow
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