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Lego Dimensions: Adventure Time Level Pack Review

We're going to very blocky lands

Mary Billington

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Lego Dimensions: Adventure Time Level Pack is also compatible with Xbox One, Wii U, PS3, and Xbox 360

Lego Dimensions: Adventure Time Level Pack is rated Everyone 10+ by the ESRB

It's Adventure Time for Finn and Jake again and now they're in a whole new dimension. The question is: do they have what it takes to find the Enchiridion?

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Lego Dimensions: Adventure Time Level Pack screenshot 1
Finn looks happy to see the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant

The Adventure Time Level Pack includes Finn, the Jakemobile and the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant figures. Finn is so unique and his Lego form is a perfect representation of his whimsy. Kitted out in his bear hat, green backpack and golden sword, he sure looks ready for his blocky adventure. In-game, Finn can actually change his available abilities by swapping out his sword, much like gamer kid in the Midway Arcade Level Pack. This makes him a very handy character indeed. Jake in vehicle form looks like your standard Lego car only very yellow and with his face on the front. The Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant appears to be a bit of a mess but it actually stays true to its animated version. Both of the additional items unlock guardian abilities that protect the rider from damage and can be used underwater. v1d30chumz 100-25-42-211

The following abilities become available for you to use throughout the Lego Dimensions universe when you purchase this Level Pack:

  • Finn: acrobat, shoot lasers to destroy gold bricks, shoot targets, deflect lasers, use sword switches, destroy cursed red Lego objects, use grapple hook and cut vines
  • Jakemobile transformations: Jakemobile (tow bar, guardian ability, use accelerator switches), Snail Dude Jake (sonar smash, super jump, break cracked Lego objects, guardian ability), Hover Jake (sail on water, tow bar, water spray, guardian ability)
  • Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant transformations: Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant (hover, destroy gold blocks, guardian ability), Cosmic Squid (use flight docks and flight cargo hooks, tow bar, water spray), Psychic Submarine (destroy gold blocks, dive underwater, underwater drone)
Lego Dimensions: Adventure Time Level Pack screenshot 2
Warning: make sure your blood sugar levels are okay before you play this area

The level follows the story of the Adventure Time episode The Enchiridion (season 1, episode 5). It starts with Finn hanging out in his tree house where you'll break a few dozen blocks and learn that you can now use sword switches with Finn's trusty weapon. You'll quickly notice as well that Finn can swap out his weapon at any time, allowing him to do melee and artillery attacks as well as break different kinds of blocks depending on the equipped weapon. Finn then meets up with the princess and decides to hunt for the Enchiridion (a book that will surely help him become a master adventurer). Next, he goes to the woods where he fends off some gnomes that are bothering old ladies and breaks through some fallen trees with the help of the Jakemobile.

There are three bosses to defeat in this Level Pack which is two more than average and you'll face the first one when you're ready to exit the woods which is a Giant Ogre. Once you've dealt with him, you're off to a castle that you scale from the outside, then defeat the Evil Guy inside. Next up is a visit to Candy Kingdom which is my favourite area due to its colourful and quirky design featuring tons of candy. You'll unlock the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant here that allows you to break gold blocks and hover across platforms. The last area is a pier filled with traps that resolves in a close-up fight with the last boss: Lich. The pier was a little confusing for me at one point because I needed to break gold blocks that appeared to be out of reach but other than that, the level is very enjoyable to play as it's filled with the distinctive charm of Adventure Time. This includes the audio, too. The voices are very clear recordings (unlike some other Level Packs) and your companions are always blurting out silly phrases that'll make you smile as you journey forward.

The adventure world of Adventure Time packs in many well-known areas for fans of the series. From Castle Lemongrab and The Badlands to Iceberg Lake and Fire Kingdom, it's all here for you to enjoy. The colourful style of Adventure Time is brought to life and it really pops off the screen. As you walk (or fly) around the world, you'll bump into many characters from the series who all have something to say or even a quest to offer. Sadly, there isn't anything new in regards to interactions with the world that you haven't seen before. You'll complete races, solve puzzles and hunt gold bricks just like you do in all of the other worlds although the backdrop is so unique that you might be happy enough just flying around and looking at the different areas, listening to your companions' commentary.

Lego Dimensions: Adventure Time Level Pack screenshot 3
Who knew crossing a bridge could be such a tough challenge?

TT Games brings yet another colourful and imaginative franchise to the Lego Dimensions universe. Whether you're a fan of Adventure Time or not, you're sure to enjoy this fun experience but don't expect anything new when it comes to interacting with the world.

  • + Entertaining use of a franchise that's perfectly suited for a Lego adaptation
  • + Finn's ability to swap weapons is very handy
  • + Charming visuals and amusing voice acting
  • - The adventure world offers nothing new when it comes to interactivity
7.1 out of 10
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