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Lego Dimensions: Doctor Who Level Pack Review

The Doctor enters a blocky dimension

Mary Billington

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Lego Dimensions: Doctor Who Level Pack is also compatible with Xbox One, Wii U, PS3, and Xbox 360

Lego Dimensions: Doctor Who Level Pack is rated Everyone 10+ by the ESRB

Doctor Who is an iconic series that has been around for over 50 years. If any doctor deserves to be shrunk down to Lego form; it's this one. You may wonder how well TT Games treated this unique pop culture phenomenon, so read on and find out.

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Lego Dimensions: Doctor Who Level Pack screenshot 1
The Doctor holds his mighty sonic screwdriver with K-9 and the TARDIS by his side

This Level Pack comes with The Doctor, K-9 and TARDIS figurines. Of course, there were many Doctors since the television series' start in 1963 and you don't get the physical Lego toy for each of them, but you do get the latest Doctor played by Peter Capaldi. He stands in his blue suit holding a tiny sonic screwdriver that he uses to fix objects, trigger switches and send out a sonic wave to break glass. The TARDIS was a fun toy to make as I created layers of red and clear pieces, only to be covered by the exterior of the booth. It made me think it would glow out of the gaps in the phone booth if it had a light source, which is a nice touch to what is essentially a simple design on the exterior. Unfortunately, the TARDIS doesn't provide any new abilities in either of its upgraded forms, though it is fun to change its design. K-9 is my most favourite vehicle to ride in any of the packs I've collected thus far due to its fast speed and small size so you can easily whip around the levels while destroying silver and gold bricks. v1d30chumz 18-208-187-128

The following abilities become available for you to use throughout the Lego Dimensions universe when you purchase this Level Pack:

  • Doctor: Use your sonic screwdriver to break glass (sonar smash), hack terminals, use technology panels and fix broken objects
  • TARDIS transformations: TARDIS (time and space travel, stealth, use flight docks and cargo hooks), Laser-Pulse TARDIS (same abilities), Energy-Burst TARDIS (same abilities)
  • K-9 transformations: K-9 (destroy silver blocks), K-9 Ruff Rover (sonar smash), K-9 Laser Cutter (destroy gold blocks)
Lego Dimensions: Doctor Who Level Pack screenshot 2
Get ready for some fun mini-games and puzzles as you hack terminals and use technology panels

The Dalek Extermination of Earth is the name given to the story level included in this pack. If you're exposed to anything about Doctor Who then you must know to be very afraid. At the start, you're dropped off in the TARDIS on a street in modern London where the Daleks are terminating and destroying everything in sight. Your mission is to travel through time and space to prevent this invasion from happening. Throughout the level, I traveled in the TARDIS a total of 8 times and traversed 3 different sections of London in their 19th and 21st century forms. Additionally, I set foot on the planets Trenzalore and Skaro (the daunting home of the Daleks).

The first half of the story level plays out like this: walk around until you get stuck then get into the TARDIS (while avoiding being shot), change something in a different dimensional version of the stage, get back into the TARDIS to proceed where you were previously stuck, and repeat. This felt a little repetitive but it does stay true to the formula of a typical Doctor Who episode. In the last half, you'll find yourself traversing the dusty planets of Trenzalore and Skaro where you'll see creepy Weeping Angels, fight members of The Silence and play in a giant Dalek. It took me almost an hour to complete the whole level which is a nice change from the shorter ones in other Level Packs. Also, the variety of environments kept it feeling fresh. Unfortunately, I encountered glitches during my second playthrough that should be mentioned. One was that K-9 stopped being able to destroy silver blocks after switching to his base form and the other made the TARDIS unable to become invisible. I had to quit the level and start over to get past the second problem. These kinds of issues are common in Lego games and I wouldn't say that they are more prevalent in this Level Pack versus the other ones.

Lego Dimensions: Doctor Who Level Pack screenshot 3
You silly doctor, I said stay away from the Dalek's spotlight!

When I entered the Doctor Who adventure world and started pressing buttons in the TARDIS, I was very happy to find that 6 different areas were available for me to explore at the get-go. The complete list is: 19th Century London, 21st Century London, Mars, Skaro, Telos and Trenzalore. Upon taking the TARDIS to the location of your choice, you're tasked with building a device that ultimately connects that location with the other ones that you have previously connected. After building the device in each area, you don't need to travel in the TARDIS to reach them because they're joined together. 19th and 21st century London are similar in layout but they appear as two separate towns. One looks like a modern sunny London street and the other is a snowy setting like from a Charles Dickens novel. Mars and Skaro have similar red sandy terrain with the latter featuring a huge Dalek prominently overlooking the area. Telos displays snowy mountain peaks and Trenzalore's rocky terrain boasts a huge TARDIS that takes up almost half of its area.

As you travel around, you can tell that TT Games wanted to create an adventure world that would wow fans of the series. There are even multiple quests that will have you fighting many enemies from the franchise including Daleks, Cybermen, Zygons and Autons. A nice treat for Doctor Who fans is the fact that every time The Doctor dies in the adventure world (which can be quite often) he comes back as a different doctor (in homage to the ever-changing doctor throughout the television series). This is one of the few games that encourage you to kill your character over and over again for unlockables. When entering the TARDIS as the new doctor, it will change to reflect that Doctor's relevant TARDIS design during their time on television. In total, there are 12 doctors to play as and one extra variation. As a side note, The Doctor's assistant only makes a minor appearance in an optional quest which might disappoint fans.

Lego Dimensions: Doctor Who Level Pack screenshot 4
The Doctor checks out what's in style from the mannequin-like Autons

If you liked what you saw when playing the creepy Doctor Who story level in the base game then you'll love how this Level Pack expands on the premise. Complete with many worlds, enemies and familiar plotlines from the series, this is a masterful representation of the Doctor Who universe. Considering I've reviewed all 4 current Lego Dimensions Level Packs, this one definitely stands out as the best. However, don't expect to get any unique abilities when you outfit your TARDIS with a new exterior.

  • + Story level and adventure world capture many settings of the Doctor Who series
  • + Playing as all 12 doctors is a blast
  • + Lengthy and interesting story level
  • - You may experience multiple bugs upon replaying the story level
  • - Superficial TARDIS upgrades
  • - The Doctor's assistant is mostly absent
7.7 out of 10
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