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Lego Dimensions: Mission Impossible Level Pack Review

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Mary Billington

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Lego Dimensions: Mission Impossible Level Pack is also compatible with Xbox One, Wii U, PS3, and Xbox 360

Lego Dimensions: Mission Impossible Level Pack is rated Everyone 10+ by the ESRB

After starring in his fifth Mission Impossible movie, Ethan Hunt takes on a whole new challenge: saving the world when he's only a couple of inches tall and made of blocky plastic.

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Ethan Hunt can't decide which vehicle to take to his next mission

The Mission Impossible Level Pack comes with a miniature Ethan Hunt, IMF Scrambler motorbike, and IMF Sport Car. Ethan is decked out in his black gear complete with a headset and binoculars in-hand. In the movies, Ethan doesn't really have a signature vehicle and the motorbike and car included aren't that unique when compared to some of the more elaborate-looking vehicles in other packs. The motorbike is compact which is handy for getting around tight areas but the car is a pretty standard white vehicle. Ethan himself has a ton of abilities much like his movie counterpart which partially makes up for the lack of imagination in the other pieces. v1d30chumz 100-25-42-211

The following abilities become available for you to use throughout the Lego Dimensions universe when you purchase this Level Pack:

  • Ethan Hunt: acrobat, shoot targets, use technology panels, use fuse box panels, magno gloves to climb walls, drone, grapple hook, destroy silver blocks, stealth, scan disguise, dive and x-ray vision
  • IMF Scrambler transformations: IMF Scrambler (use accelerator switches, jump, special attack), ShockCycle (use accelerator switches, jump, special weapon, destroy silver blocks), IMF Covert Jet (use flight docks and cargo hooks, interact underwater, special weapon, tow bar)
  • IMF Sport Car transformations: IMF Sport Car (use accelerator switches, tow bar), IMF Tank (use accelerator switches, tow bar, break cracked walls, destroy gold blocks), The IMF-Splorer (dive underwater)
Lego Dimensions: Mission Impossible Level Pack screenshot 2
Just an ordinary security guard; nothing to see here!

The level takes you through the events of the first Mission Impossible movie. You start outside the American Embassy in Prague on an impossible mission with your pals to steal a secret list. Armed with suction cups that could hang on to any glass wall (a unique item), Ethan makes his way into the building while trying to avoid the guards as much as possible so that they don't call more to chase after him. Once he's in, you're treated to another of Ethan's unique abilities: stealing a disguise. There are platforms you can stand on where you use binoculars to find a likely candidate then scan them to copy their look. Doing so allows you to get past doors with high security. As you run through the embassy that happens to be hosting a party, you'll notice how the guests start screaming and running away when you destroy furniture too close to them. After the party and a quick chat with the secretive Max, the gang heads to Langley where they infiltrate CIA headquarters. Cue Ethan Hunt on a wire in an impenetrable room, stealing data from a top-secret computer. This scene is so iconic in the movie and it's depicted perfectly in Lego form. You'll also get to try out Ethan's third unique ability (yes, there are three!) where you'll trace a fuse through a maze. To wrap up the mayhem, you'll fight foes on top of a train then face off with Krieger in a tunnel, finally blowing up his helicopter with Ethan's famous explosive gum. This level felt longer than most due to its variety of scenes. I'd love to see the rest of the movies played out in Lego form considering they did such a great job with the first one.

TT Games has excelled at combining as many different settings in the various Mission Impossible games into one adventure world. Virginia, Prague, Sydney, Shanghai, an Island Base and the Biocyte building are just some of the areas you can visit. I had a lot of fun flying around the world and remembering which scene a given building was from. One thing that makes this adventure world unique from others is that there are many missions dotted around the map that are actually Lego versions of real ones completed in the films. When you spot a suspicious-looking object that appears to be talking to itself, you know you've found the start of a mission. Altogether, these missions could make a new short level in themselves. Apart from the missions, the world looks pretty and depicts the Mission Impossible universe well but it doesn't do anything else to set itself apart from other packs. In reviewing other Level Packs, I'm finding that ones based on live-action franchises set in the real world all start looking the same. Packs based on more unique visual designs such as Adventure Time and Doctor Who tend to more easily wow me when I first enter their worlds.

Lego Dimensions: Mission Impossible Level Pack screenshot 3
Slowly but surely, Ethan...

If you're a huge Mission Impossible and Lego fan like me then you can't miss this Level Pack. It does an amazing job of packing in blocky representations of all the movies and the level stays true to the plot of the first one. The Ethan Hunt character also has a lot to offer in the Lego universe although the included vehicles aren't really anything special.

  • + Ethan Hunt unlocks a ton of useful abilities including a few unique ones
  • + Level faithfully interprets the first film
  • + Cool optional missions in the overworld
  • - Included vehicles aren't anything special
  • - Lego form of real-world areas can get dull
7.2 out of 10
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